Bridgestone brings Tiger Woods to you with its new AR golf ball experience

Bridgestone AR balls

Scanning Bridgestone packaging with the new AR web app

Bridgestone Golf

When it comes to pioneering the idea of golf ball fitting Bridgestone leads the pack, and with their new Augmented Reality (AR) golf ball fitting platform they are enhancing the consumer experience with the help of Tiger Woods and the rest of the Bridgestone tour staff.

You can access the Bridgestone golf experience simply by scanning the QR code available at retail locations or by accessing the app through Bridgestone’s website and opening it using your phone. From there it takes just a few swipes before you have one of the Bridgestone Tour Staff members including Tiger Woods helping break down the various Tour B golf ball models to help you understand which one might be your best fit for you.

“At Bridgestone we’re all about pushing the envelope of innovation, and the new Bridgestone Golf Experience is a perfect example of this philosophy – players who try the new web app will be amazed at the quality of the experience while also being directed to the best TOUR B model for their game.”
-Elliot Mellow, Golf Ball Marketing Manager at Bridgestone Golf.

The full Bridgestone Golf Experience takes about ten minutes to cover the available Tour B models and can be viewed on any smart phone here: Bridgestone Golf Experience

For more information or to download the web app visit

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