WATCH: Phil Mickelson gets his groove on in hilarious new Mizzen+Main commercial

August 2, 2018
Phil Mickelson caught the golf world's attention on Thursday, but not for what he did on the course.

Phil Mickelson’s partnership with apparel company Mizzen+Main first made waves back in April, when Lefty wore one of their moisture-wicking dress shirts at the Masters, and Tiger Woods mocked him for it. In May, it was announced that Mickelson had signed a deal with the millennial-led brand, which also sells polos, sweaters and socks.

Today Mizzen+Main dropped a new ad featuring their spokesman dancing while wearing one of their stretchy dress shirts. The commercial has only been up on the company’s Twitter account for two hours, but already it’s caused a stir: Is Phil Mickelson’s high kick real? Are those his signature moves? Is it only a matter of time before Phil leaves the Tour for a turn on Dancing with the Stars?

In a press release on Mizzen+Main’s website, Mickelson said that the dancing was “out of my comfort zone.”

“I think that if I’m able to perform in this shirt, anybody should be able to perform in this shirt and it was a challenge for me to get these moves down,” he said. “But not because of the shirt that I was wearing, but because I lack the skill, but um, it was fun to take me out of my comfort zone.”

Watch the full video below: