Review: I wear these spikeless Puma golf shoes on and off the course

January 15, 2020
Puma OG

For a long time I was not a spikeless golf shoe guy. Gimme the real thing or give me nothing was the mindset. Thankfully, I was given the Puma Original G golf shoes.

As an avid fan of Vans or Chuck Taylors — your simple fabric upper and white rubber sole design — these shoes make perfect fashion sense. My pair even had a suede upper. Take that, New York Fashion Week. The lingering question on my mind with spikeless shoes was not about fashion sense, though. It was, Do they make golf sense? Well, they’re worth a try.

The Puma Original G doesn’t have the stingiest spikes. They have rubber knobs throughout the outsole that don’t even protrude the normal tennis shoe makeup. For that reason, they’re not meant for your 120 mph swingers. Those players are bound to slip on a wet tee box, and we certainly don’t want that.

That being said, the shoes sit so low to the ground it is easy to stay connected throughout the swing. And in my experience, the fact that I couldn’t swing 120 mph sneakily forced me into a smoother movement. It’s a regression we all need at some point — swing smoother, not harder, for better contact.

After six months of playing in the Puma Original Gs, I was sent another pair of shoes I deemed my “gamer” pair, and that was just fine. It revealed the secondary benefit to these shoes. They immediately become sneakers again, and 12 months later I’m still wearing them often.

You can purchase your pair of Puma Men’s Original G Spikeless shoes right here.