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Here’s how to buy Tiger Woods’ ‘Frank’-themed hat, shirt and headcover

October 27, 2019

As Tiger Woods inches ever-nearer to his record-tying 82nd PGA Tour victory, and you’re getting swept into Tiger Woods mania, Nike’s new Frank-themed apparel may have caught your eye along the way.

Fans first spotted Tiger wearing the apparel at the 2019 Masters and immediately freaked out for it. It’s part of a new custom logo line that Nike’s has been pushing throughout the year, and Tiger’s not the only one who’s been sporting it. Rory has donned shirts with different logos at various points throughout the season.


But we’re not talking Rory. We’re talking Tiger. There are three main items you can buy with his headcover logo featured, and here’s where to find each.


The hat, probably my favorite item of this collection, is simple and perfectly on-point: A black hat, with the Frank logo squarely in the middle of the crown. Tiger doesn’t where this model when he’s competing but you’ll spot him in it at various other points off the course.

You can find it for $35 at Dick’s Sporting Goods. And because Dick’s is currently offering free shipping on orders over $25, you won’t be picking up any extra costs there.


Or maybe you’ve got enough hats and want something a little different. Perhaps a Frank-themed Nike t-shirt? It’s a 100 percent cotton and machine washable.

You can buy the shirt for $50 at Amazon here.


Of course, you can always stick with the classic headcover, the same model that has featured on Tiger’s back throughout his career. Tiger’s mother gives him a new one every year, but if you want one for your own bag, you can head over to Dick’s Sporting Goods.

The headcover costs $32.99, and like thee hat, will have free shipping because the order exceeds $25.