One golf item to buy this week: Linksoul’s Flatten the Curve Tee

April 2, 2020

Welcome to a new column, where we’ll highlight one notable item that you might consider buying. Whether it’s an article of clothing, an intriguing electronic device, a piece of equipment designed to increase golf’s enjoyment factor — or anything in between — we want to share these items with you simply because they’ve generated a bit of chatter by our water cooler (or on our Slack channel these days). So sit back, scroll down and keep up with the latest gear golf has to offer.

Linksoul’s Flatten the Curve Limited Edition Tee

It was admittedly tough to think of an item to suggest people buy this week because morally, with all that’s going on in the world right now, shopping feels like a frivolous way to spend money. With so many amazing charities and organizations coming together for good, shouldn’t we support those initiatives instead? On the contrary, now more than ever, I want to support my favorite small businesses to help them get through this time. I’m sure your inbox, like mine, is flooded with deals from your favorite brands making you question whether shopping is essential or inappropriate—and we’re not the only ones.

We’ve seen a few brands donate portions of sales to relief funds or produce masks and other protective gear for hospitals. Linksoul designed a new graphic t-shirt stamped with “this calls for the low stinger,” as a golf-y way to encourage people to flatten the curve. They’ll be donating 100 percent – that’s right, 100 percent – of sales to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy to help with COVID-19 relief. The CDP specifically helps hourly workers, the elderly and those with disabilities. Click here to learn more about their mission.

Not only will this shirt look cool on your zoom calls, but you can feel good about your purchase while still scratching that shopping itch.

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Price: $40.00

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