5 golf T-shirts we designed just for golfers to wear off the course

A few weeks ago, we joined our friends over at BreakingT to get into the mask-making game. As we anticipate a summer of masked golf, we thought it was not only awesome, but necessary to create golf-specific masks and donate the proceeds to worthy causes.

But we loved the masks so much, we figured: Why stop there? So we got to work and designed five golf-themed T-shirts to wear all summer long. Scroll down to see our new designs!

Hit Bombs

Phil Mickelson’s favorite saying has quickly become one of the most common ways to talk about hitting a driver. Of course, every golfer aspires to hit the ball farther and hit bombs off every tee. Buy this for yourself or as a gift for the long driver in your foursome.

I Miss AK

Remember Anthony Kim? I mean, how could you forget those shiny, over-the-top belts he’d rock week after week? Get this tee to remind your buddies of the legend.


We can all relate to the feeling of hitting a drive so great that you can pick up your tee without even watching the ball land. Hopefully this shirt will inspire you to hit more of those tee-grabbers — and maybe even a few stingers along the way.

Play Golf

We all have that one friend who still says “golfing.” But golf is a noun, and over at GOLF.com we “play golf.” This is important.

Master Shotmaker

This is the shirt for the player who has every shot in the bag. Take that as you wish…

Golf Masks

A 3-pack of masks for golfers. Proceeds go to the Golf Emergency Relief Fund, providing short-term financial assistance to those facing hardship due to Covid-19.

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Emily Haas

Golf.com Contributor