6 places you should always wear a mask at your local golf course

Shaking hands, tending flags, and raking bunkers seem like distant memories, and you’ve probably heard about other precautions courses are taking against coronavirus transmission. But what about masks?

Once you settle into your round, you might remove your mask because it’s pretty easy to stay six feet (or more) away from your playing partners, but lots of golf courses and local authorities have put in place strict guidelines about where you should wear a mask at the course, because there are plenty of places you could encounter members of the staff or other golfers. So, follow the rules in place, and when in doubt, make sure you’re wearing your mask whenever you find yourself in any of the below places…

1. Parking lot

Unless you’re showing up for the very first tee time of the day to an empty parking lot, it’s best to be safe and put on your mask before you open your car door. There’s a chance you could run into another foursome on your way to the first tee, so don’t risk it!

2. Clubhouse

A lot of places have totally closed down their clubhouses, but if you have the privilege to step inside, make sure you’re masked up.

3. Pro shop

You should always wear a mask when you’re within six feet of another person, and your local course’s pro shop is no exception. Even if there are other measures in place to enforce social distancing, like a plexiglass wall or caution tape, as a courtesy, keep your mask on.

4. Driving range

Even if the bays are six feet apart, it’s probably best to wear your mask in an area of the course that’s usually crowded. Don’t forget to wash your hands or sanitize once you’re done too!

5. Putting green

Like the driving range, the putting green is another place that typically gets a lot of foot traffic. Wear your mask so others feel comfortable to hit a few putts before their round too.

6. During a lesson

This basically goes without saying, but if you’re around another human who you don’t live with, wear a mask.

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Emily Haas

Golf.com Contributor