This rain suit is perfect for battling the weather on links golf courses

By GOLF Editors   /   Jessica MarksburyBy Jessica Marksbury
December 23, 2019
Kjus men's Pro 3L 2.0 rain jacket

Always be prepared. Golf is a game subject to the vagaries of weather. If you’re prepared for it, no problem. If you’re not, good luck. Almost a third of our list of the Top 100 Courses in the World are links-style masterpieces that openly welcome, at times, wind and rain as part of the experience.

Not to worry. Kjus, a unique clothing brand known famously for its weatherproof skiwear, has you, ahem, covered. Kjus researchers analyzed actual swing biomechanics to create a breathable, stylish rain jacket that stretches in all the right places—specifically, the shoulder points, shoulder blades and lower back. (Fun fact: The jacket is available with righty- and lefty-specific tailoring.)

Now you can fight the elements, free your swing and look great doing it. Kjus men’s Pro 3L 2.0 jacket, $499; pants, $449;

Kjus men's Pro 3L 2.0 rain jacket and pants.
Kjus men's Pro 3L 2.0 rain jacket and pants.
Jeffrey Westbrook; Styling: John Olson/Halley Resources

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