Dress like Bryson DeChambeau: Muscle up your on-course look

As amateurs, we may struggle to play like the pros, but that shouldn’t stop us from dressing like them. In this new GOLF.com series, we’ll highlight styles inspired by some of our favorite guys and gals on Tour every week. After all, this could be the “it” factor that will take your game to the next level.

Bryson DeChambeau’s updated appearance and sheer strength on the course has captivated us all since the return of the PGA Tour. After all, he’s put on roughly 20 pounds since pre-COVID-19 and has pretty much normalized the 400(+) yard drive.

But, Bryson’s been different — captivating — since he first entered golf’s main stage. He’s always had a unique flair that sets him apart from the rest of the guys. Part of that appeal is his unique style. His clothes are usually pretty straightforward. He rocks the coolest new gear from Puma, but doesn’t get too adventurous. The hat is what really makes him stand out.

Even if you’re not ready to make the leap to driver caps on the course, you can still take a nod from Bryson’s week-over-week looks. We’ve linked a good example below!

Puma Golf Driver Cap

The driver cap look isn’t for everybody, but if you’re trying to mimic Bryson’s style, you’re going to need this cap.
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Puma Alterknit Digi Camo Polo

The Alterknit Digi Camo polo is created with a three-button placket and a unique geometric camo pattern. Alterknit offers an alternating textured fabric for plenty of subtle style while also being functionally and practically breathable.
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Puma Jackpot 5 Pocket

Bring every accessory you need to the golf course and carry them in the Puma Jackpot 5 Pocket pants. With five pockets, you’ll can have easy access to everything you need for golf, and then some. The Jackpot pants are made with polyester fabric that allows machine washing. The various colors offered range from traditional to modern pastels for every possible outfit. The pants feature a stretch waistband and Drycell technology to wick moisture from the skin and allows it to evaporate through the fabric.
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Puma Ignite PWRAdapt Leather 2.0

The Puma Ignite PWRAdapt Leather golf shoe provides comfort, support and excellent grip on the golf course. It features a PWRAdapt outsole that is equipped with pods that allow the spikes to move independently from each other, providing unbeatable 3-dimensional traction. The golf shoe also features an IGNITE foam midsole that provides energy return, responsive comfort, and stable cushioning throughout each step. In addition, the leather upper features a PWRFrame that is strategically placed to provide support in high stress areas.
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