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This stylish Yeti cooler sack chills a round’s worth of drinks (and then some!)

September 2, 2019

What is it that makes a cooler so…cool? Start with a commitment to your core customer. Yeti products were originally designed for serious outdoor enthusiasts (think hunters and fisherman). You don’t disappoint people who kill their own food!

But the items on offer clearly have crossover appeal for any activity that values frosty beverages. Tailgates, backyard barbecues and (of course!) rounds of golf fit the bill. Yeti prides itself on products that can take abuse, all while keeping contents just-out-of-the-fridge chilly.

The Hopper M30 features a durable “DryHide” exterior and “ColdCell” insulation, while the “HydroShield” closure uses powerful magnets instead of zippers to ensure maximum leak resistance.

There are two carry options: double handles or a wide shoulder strap. Perhaps most importantly, this cooler has a 20-can capacity. Now, that’s what we call a thirsty enthusiast.

The Yeti Hopper M30 cooler is perfect for the golf course.
The Yeti Hopper M30 cooler is perfect for the golf course.
Bobby Doherty

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