This electric cart won’t just carry your golf bag, it follows you around the course

Stewart Golf's latest follow caddie is their most advanced yet.

Fairway Jockey

If you’re looking to take a little strain off of your back without having to take a cart or pay for a caddie, Stewart Golf may have just come out with a solution for you.

Stewart has just released a new version of their award-winning Q Follow with the Q Follow Carbon Range.

Stewart Golf Q Follow Carbon Range

The Stewart Golf Carbon Range takes the heritage of our award-winning Q Follow and elevates it again with three stunning Carbon finishes: Red Carbon, Blue Carbon and Raw Carbon.  Designed, engineered and handbuilt in Great Britain, the Q Follow Carbon Range uses industry-leading Cerakote technology to deliver extraordinary design. 
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The Stewart Golf Q Follow Carbon Range takes over the heritage from the Q Follow and chances with three new carbon finishes: blue, red and raw. Like its predecessor, the Q Follow Carbon Range is hand-built in Great Britain and the company says it’s the smallest follow caddie on the market.

The Q Follow Carbon Range uses two dual-bearing, free rolling wheels with supreme natural balance for total confidence when tackling a hilly course. It can be used in three different modes: as a manual power trolley, an remote caddie or a follow caddie depending on your preference and need.

Stewart Golf cart
I Tried It: Stewart Golf’s electric cart offers hands-free convenience — and a ton of fun
By: Jessica Marksbury

If you’d like to use the follow mode, simply press follow, throw the remote in your back pocket or on your belt, and your golf bag will go wherever you go!

And don’t worry about whether your bag will fit on the cart. The Q Follow Carbon Range is designed to fit any golf bag. You also can rest easy thanks to the Q Follow Carbon’s rechargeable 36-hole battery.

You can find the brand new Stewart Golf Q Follow Carbon Range right now on Fairway Jockey for $3,749. You can also find some of Stewart Golf’s other popular models such as the original Q Follow, the X10 Follow and the Vertx Remote.

Stewart Golf X10 Follow

The Stewart Golf X10 Follow is widely regarded as the world’s finest golf cart, featuring award-winning 7th Generation Follow technology.   (View all Stewart Golf Products and Accessories) Be sure to turn heads as you walk the course in style, with the latest installment of Stewart Golf’s iconic X Series. Walk totally handsfree with new proprietary 7th Generation Follow Technology Stay in control with a Remote Control range of up to 50m Extended battery life thanks to new EcoDrive Motors Choose from 18- and 36-hole battery options Secure Bluetooth communication Downhill Braking Rechargeable handset with USB cable Iconic Stewart Golf Design
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Stewart Golf Q Follow

The all-new flagship model takes the Stewart Golf heritage of award-winning innovation and elevates it again with a next-generation compact Follow and Remote golf cart. Designed, engineered, and handbuilt in Great Britain, the Q Follow uses a pioneering microcellular composite chassis to deliver the greatest way to play golf ever by combining cutting-edge technology with extraordinary design.   (View all Stewart Golf products and accessories) Experience the golf course in its purest sense with Stewart Golf’s Follow technology. Walk hassle-free down the fairway and leave your worries behind you as you get the pro-like benefit of being able to focus exclusively on your golf. The all-new Q Follow features the very latest seventh generation of Follow technology. Engineered to allow you to walk the fairway with zero distractions, this is the only way to walk. The Q Follow is also the most compact Follow caddie ever and will fold down easily to fit inside your trunk. The Q Follow can even be carried one-handed thanks to a subtle yet comfortable integrated handle. The Q Follow features a retractable stabilizer that automatically deploys as the cart is unfolded. Equipped with two dual-bearing, free-rolling wheels and with supreme natural balance, this is a machine you can have total confidence in when tackling a hilly course. 
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