Shaft Spotlight: A closer look at LA Golf’s OLYSS RSC 75TX Prototype

February 14, 2019
LA Golf's OLYSS RSC 75TX Prototype shaft.

Each week, GOLF equipment editor Jonathan Wall chats with reps on the PGA Tour to give you the lowdown on shafts that are generating buzz — be it a Tour-only model or profile already at retail. 

Name: LA Golf OLYSS RSC 75TX Prototype

Status: Tour-only offering

Profile: Low-mid ball flight and low spin

Weights (on Tour): 75 grams

The buzz from Tour: “Utilizing a constant taper physical profile gives the prototype a feel of smooth, controlled loading and release. With low torque (2.8 degrees) and a mid-stiff tip section, the prototype will yield a low-mid ball flight with low spin for elite golfers with moderate to high ball speeds. The modern trend for today’s professional player is higher club head velocity at impact with a resulting increase in ball speed.

“To maintain stability and control for the modern high ball speed player, tour shaft overall stiffnesses have increased significantly over the past 5 to 10 years. This increase in stiffness does help to provide additional stability but can also impart an undesirable harsh feel to the shaft at impact.

“To counteract this effect, OLYSS incorporates a unique, high-tech, composite material in the grip end of the shaft. This new, never before used material, is an ultra-lightweight, thin ply composite weave combining high modulus graphite with Zylon fibers. The combination of the stiff, high strength carbon fibers with lightweight, ultra-strong, high damping Zylon provides the shaft with significantly increased stability in the hands and outstanding feel at impact.

“The rearward placement of the new material also aids to counterbalance the shaft, making it perfect for today’s heavier driver heads. The prototype gives the modern bomber the stiffness and stability they need with tremendous feel, a smooth load and release, and an optimized low-mid launch, low spin launch profile.”  — John Oldenburg, LA Golf’s chief product officer