PXG enters uncharted territory with latest equipment release

pxg m16 putter shaft

The PXG M16 putter shaft is offered in straight and double bend options.


Over the last seven years, PXG has gone from offering irons and wedges only to a myriad of options across every conceivable club category. But it wasn’t until this week that the company finally dipped its toes into the club component space with the release of a multi-material M16 putter shaft that’s designed to compete with some of the most popular offerings currently available.

With Bryson DeChambeau leading the way, multi-material putter shafts saw a considerable uptick in usage during the 2020 season that’s only increased in the last couple of years. For golfers already using high-MOI mallets, the shaft offered another layer of stability and resistance to twisting. It also made it possible for those wielding a blade to achieve mallet-esque properties without having to go up in head size.

Through recent research and development, PXG found the addition of a company-designed putter shaft to produce similar results during testing. And just like that, the M16 putter shaft was born.

“As a research and development company, we continue to focus on exploring new sciences that will enable us to deliver noticeable performance gains for our customers,” said PXG founder and CEO Bob Parsons. “M16 putter shaft technology is another significant advancement in our product offerings.”

pxg m16 putter shaft
PXG’s M16 putter shaft in a straight in option. PXG

The M16 is designed around a high modulus 60T carbon fiber upper section and steel tip that’s designed to deliver more stiffness and stability. To improve feel at impact, two rubber sheets were sandwiched between the carbon fiber and twenty-two strategically placed steel wires that run down the outer ring of the shaft for enhanced stiffness.

According to PXG, robot testing with putter analysis software was used to record the data from three separate locations on the face — center, heel and toe — that revealed an uptick in ball speed consistency, reduced side spin versus a standard steel shaft.

Much of the improvement in both areas can be attributed to an extremely stiff butt frequency measuring 386 cycles per minute (CPM). When compared to other shafts currently in the marketplace, PXG claimed the M16 is 10-20 percent “stiffer than other high-quality aftermarket stability shafts,” and 26 percent stiff than traditional steel shafts.

The PXG M16 putter shaft is offered in straight and double bend as an upgrade for the company’s Battle Ready and 0211 putters.

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Jonathan Wall

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