This golf super-towel will keep your clubs clean and dry all the time

August 2, 2019
The Club Glove Microfiber towel

The Club Glove Tandem Microfiber ($23) is a Tour-size waffle-textured caddie towel that measures 17″ x 40″ and is made with an 8-inch elongated slit right in the middle to fit over just about any clubhead.

The unique waffle texture also allows this non-abrasive beauty — which is available in numerous color options — to hold approximately 400 percent of its weight in water.

It also comes with a handy 8″ x 12″ pocket-sized towel for putter and ball cleaning around the green. And for those who might be looking for a gift pack for family members, golf buddies or anyone who just wants a variety of colors to choose from, a Tour Pro 6-Pack ($120) is also available on, allowing you to pick from 29 hues, free embroidery included.

If the Tour dimensions of the Tandem are larger than you’re ready to rock at your muni, Club Glove also offers a Microfiber Cart Towel ($13) that provides many of the same features and colors but in a smaller size (16″ x 24″) and without the pocket towel.

Another top-notch golf towel option

The Titleist StaDry Performance towel.
The Titleist StaDry Performance towel.
Jesse Reiter

If you’re even more serious about your laundry, try Titleist’s StaDry Performance Towel ($50). Wet weather won’t be much of a worry with the Titleist StaDry, which features a waterproof outer layer that keeps the inner microfiber towel nice and dry. Comes with a groove scrubber panel, too.

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