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GELSTX Golf uses hockey technology to improve golfers’ swing speeds

October 9, 2019

If you’ve ever used a weighted training aid in an attempt to increase your clubhead speed, you also undoubtedly wished there was a way to actually hit balls with it so it would simulate a real, on-course experience.

Fortunately, the folks at GELSTX thought the same thing and developed GELSTX Golf, a proprietary gel-infused shaft ($199) – manufactured by industry leader Fujikura — that attaches to your adjustable driver with a simple turn of the wrench.

The gel-infused shafts are approximately 2.5 times heavier than standard shafts, which allows you to strengthen your golf-specific muscles and increase your swing speed at the same time (all while hitting your own driver head).

GELSTX are available in M (moderate), A, R, S and XS flexes.

“You’ll experience some pleasant surprises after practicing with the shafts,” says Jason Silver, company CEO and cofounder.

GELSTX can be ordered with any of the OEM adjustable adapters allowing golfers to use their existing OEM heads to train. For more information, visit GELSTX.com.