Check out the new Jesper Parnevik-inspired future.archive capsule from J. Lindeberg

March 11, 2020

Jesper Parnevik was always known for bold style choices on the golf course. Throughout the 2000’s we’d see him on the course in crazy argyle sweaters, upturned bill hats, and sweater vests with neckties. In 2000, he won the AT&T Byron Nelson tournament wearing pink pants, which was a turning point for J.LINDEBERG golf attire.

JL’s latest future.archive capsule collection hopes to inspire a new generation of golfers to dress like Parnevik, offering a modern take on his signature looks—with lots of pink of course. While the collection definitely cannot be considered universally appealing, like Parnevik, it pushes the bounds of golf attire as we know it. Golf apparel brands are ever evolving, widening the offering of acceptable course attire and making it easier for golfers everywhere to express themselves through fashion on the course. With this collection, we see JL continue to lead the way on that front.

Check out a few key pieces from the eclectic product mix below or go to J.LINDEBERG’s site to view the full collection.

future.archive_Argyle Wool Sweater

Price: $275 / BUY NOW

future.archive_Golf Club Leather Belt

Price: $95 / BUY NOW

future.archive_Ellott Micro Stretch Pants

Price: $150 / BUY NOW 

future.archive_Club Tie

Price: $75 / BUY NOW

future.archive_York Cap

Price: $45 / BUY NOW

future.archive_Edmund Sweater Vest

Price: $215 / BUY NOW