Someone really needs to buy Brett Favre a new golf glove

June 30, 2019
Aaron Rodgers, Brett Favre, Twitter

There’s a lot going on in this photo, which was posted to Twitter Saturday morning.

First, Green Bay Packers fans will note that two of the franchise’s greatest quarterbacks, Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre, seem to be having a great time together. These QBs once famously did not get along, as Rodgers sat the bench for several years while Favre played out the backend of his career at Lambeau Field. (Favre eventually moved on to the Jets and Vikings, but that’s an entirely separate column.) But now, these former rivals are apparently so close they might play golf together, and also dress alike while doing so. That is a surprise. That is a development.

And then there’s the real shock: Favre’s tattered golf glove, which may be older than the kid in the photo. This is a man who banked more than $140 million in his NFL playing career, but apparently failed to spring for $30 for some fresh leather for his round with Rodgers. Also, it appears that Favre treats his gloves the same way he once abused the Detroit Lions secondary. (Hey-oh! I’m a Lions fan and still bitter.)

Anyway, this Rodgers-Favre photo really is something to behold. And if someone in Favre’s camp could please pass along a forwarding address, we’d be happy to send Brett a new glove. We’re a full-service operation.

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