Here are 8 lightweight golf bags perfect for walking the course

With these lightweight golf bags, you won't have to sacrifice functionality for comfort.

An intimate relationship exists between your caddie and your golf bag. Your caddie knows how to fix your straps faster than you do, which shoulder to place your bag upon so your tags don’t stab them in the stomach, and how to balance their gait so as to keep your clubs from flying out as they traverse down a hill.

It’s fitting, then, that someone whose job it is to carry golf bags should be the one to recommend bags perfect for carrying. Whether you’re the one slinging the bag on your shoulder, or you’re shelling out for someone else to do so, here are the best lightweight golf bags, in the opinion of a (former) caddie.

The Best Lightweight Golf Bags

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Titleist Players 4 Stand Bag

Titleist’s Players 4 bag is the Cadillac of golf bags. It’s incredibly light, durable and easy to carry. The Players 4’s pocket space and dividers make it the perfect bag for neat freaks, while waterproof notches keep your valuables safe (and dry) during your round. Pound for pound, this is the best carry bag on the market for those who love to walk (or love to have someone else carry their gear).
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Callaway Hyper-Lite Zero Double Strap Stand Bag

The Hyper-Lite Zero’s name might have come from a marketing whiz, but it’s evident this bag was designed by golfers. Each for the four pockets feature enough space for ALL your belongings (regardless of how many accessories you pack for an average round). Perhaps the best feature on this bag (besides its feather-light 2.5-pound weight)? A cell phone pocket perfect for easy access for swapping playlists, snapping photos, or ringing the clubhouse bar.
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Ping Hoofer Craz E-Lite Stand Bag

There are seven easy reasons why this bag is perfect for your next round. Ping’s septuple pockets mean there’s room for everything, and while this bag is larger than its stand bag counterparts, it’s just as light. Another underrated feature: the ergonomic rubber handle on the top of the bag makes picking up and putting down far easier than its competitors, a big feature that’s often overlooked by golfers. The Hoofer’s sturdy design makes it feel like an outlier in the “lightweight bag” category, but its performance says otherwise.
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TaylorMade FlexTech Lite Stand Bag

If this bag looks familiar, it’s because you saw it in use a week ago during the TaylorMade Driving Relief skins game. Buy don’t buy this bag because you saw DJ, Rory and Matt Wolff rocking it, buy it because its FlexTech stand system and collapsible base make it the easiest bag on the market to put down.
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Sun Mountain H2NO Superlight

It’s light, it’s loaded with pockets and features perfect for any walker, but most importantly, the bag is entirely waterproof. If you’re used to playing through the rain, go with the bag designed for exactly that.
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Titleist Carry Bag

It’s cheap, it’s incredibly light, and it’s very durable. Need we say more? Sure, this bag won’t have a stand, but it’ll get you to where you’re going in the easiest possible way. It’s surely a bag for purists, but what’s so bad about that?
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Jones Original Carry Series

Speaking of purists, Jones’ Original Carry Series bag represents the perfect example of the company tagline: “simplify and golf.” This bag is no frills in the most stylish way possible. A two-way divider, a pair of pockets and a single strap combine for a design that weighs less than many of its lightweight counterparts. For the old-school golfer, you couldn’t do much better than this.
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Seamus Fescue Project Sunday Bag

Stylish golfers know Seamus as one of the game’s most fashion-forward brands. With its Project Mashup Sunday Bag, Seamus pulled a design straight out of the past, with features from the future. The bag is mostly canvas, featuring a cinch-close pocket, a zipper pocket and a magnet closure pocket for all your essentials.
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