The best cheap(ish) things to always have in your golf bag

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Having the right gear can make your next round more enjoyable.

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Let’s be frank: Golf equipment can be expensive, but even with that being the case, there are a lot of other things that you should have for your next round that don’t have to be. Here is a list of (mostly) not-so-expensive things to help make sure you get the most from your next round of golf.


It might seem simple, but making sure you’re stocked up on tees can prevent a scramble when you get to the course and realize you’re low on one of the game’s most essential accessories.

They’re also a great way to flash a little extra style without breaking the bank, so be sure to always be stocked.

“Golden Hour” Striped Golf Tee

GOLF teamed up with Western Birch Golf tees to commemorate one of the most memorable moments in sports history: Jack’s ICONIC putt in 1986.     – Box of 50 Tees – Premium White Birch Hardwood  – Thicker Shank Golf Tee creating more durability – Length – 2 3/4 Inch  
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Club brush

Clean clubs are happy clubs, and on top of that, clean irons and wedges perform a lot better than dirty ones when it comes to spin and distance control, so having a proper brush that can keep your clubs clean might also help lower your score too.

Grooveit Brush

  FEATURES   Heavy-duty nylon bristles with a 3-year replacement warranty The self-contained tube holds water or cleaning solution Holds enough liquid to last multiple rounds and refills easily The unique magnetic securing system allows secure attachment to the golf bag The magnetic system also allows cord-free mobility to use away from the golf bag High-quality magnets that will last the lifetime of the grooveit brush Lightweight, yet extremely rugged and durable Ensures maximum backspin, distance, and accuracy Ergonomically designed pistol grip Attaches to golf bag with high-quality mini-carabiner    
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Just like with a club brush, having a golf towel can make cleaning your clubs, balls, and even wiping sweat from your grips a lot easier, and once again gives you the opportunity to showcase some of your personal style.

Birdie Juice Towel

$7.50 (was $30)
If you’re going to make birdies, you need to wipe your clubs clean with a birdie juice towel. This is more than a mantra for Colt Knost and Drew Stoltz, represented on both sides of the towel, it’s a lifestyle. This towel is 22″ x 42″
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Look, there is a good chance you’re going to lose a few golf balls during your next round of golf, so whether you want premium performance or are looking for something to offer a bit more value, making sure you have enough golf balls before you get to the course prevents the dreaded walk of shame into the pro shop between nines to reload.

Titleist 2023 Pro V1x Golf Balls

  Pro V1x is the optimal premium performance choice for players looking for maximum distance, who need higher flight and more stopping power. Pro V1x is most frequently recommended for players with launch conditions that are naturally low in height and low in spin. Pro V1x is the choice of Justin Thomas, Danielle Kang, and Matt Fitzpatrick, to name a few. Available in White. High Optic Yellow coming soon. Features High Flight Trajectory Maximum Short Game Spin Firm Feel
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Srixon Q-Star Divide Golf Balls

A NEW WAY TO SEE THE GAME 50/50 MATTE VISUAL PERFORMANCE Meet the all-new Q-STAR TOUR DIVIDE, a golf ball that stands out on the course with its unique 50/50 matte urethane cover. DIVIDE boasts all the drive-boosting, chip-stopping performance of a classic Q-STAR TOUR but comes in three exciting colorways.  SEE YOUR LINE The longer your alignment line, the easier it can be to line up your putts. And with DIVIDE’s one-of-a-kind seam line running around the entire golf ball, you get 360˚ of alignment so you can putt with perfect aim. SEE YOUR SPIN When it comes to pitches and chips around the green, DIVIDE’s unique two-tone cover produces a strobe effect while spinning, revealing the speed and direction of spin on each of your shots. It’s a powerful tool for tracking and improving your consistency, and you can only see it with the Q-STAR TOUR DIVIDE. MORE THAN GOOD LOOKS The new Q-STAR TOUR DIVIDE is a performer, through and through. Unlike painted golf balls, DIVIDE’s entire thermoplastic urethane cover is infused with bright pigments, so the color won’t scratch or tear. Plus, that premium urethane adds spin for plenty of control around the greens. A resilient midlayer increases speed off the tee. And the FastLayer core—which is soft at its center but gradually becomes firm around its edge—provides the distance and softer feel you’d expect from a fully-featured tour ball.
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Keeping your drinks cold on the course is a must, and whether we’re talking water, or something a bit more adult, a quality tumbler is a great addition to your gear. And with the help of a lid, you can keep those pesky bugs away too.

VIBE – 18oz Tumbler With Water-Resistant Bluetooth Speaker

Whether it’s some white claws and Fergie by the pool or Luke Combs and Coronas by the beach, the VIBE is the good times tumbler. It’s time you got a tumbler for something you enjoy, one that lets you set the pace and decide the mood with your own drinks and your favorite music. The VIBE Tumbler is the same design you know, and love reimagined in 12 breathtaking colors. With the addition of a detachable waterproof hi-fidelity speaker the VIBE lets you create your perfect combination of drinks and music to fit your daily vibe.   Find Your VIBE
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More valuable, less cheap

Obviously, $165 quickly moves any product out of the “cheap” category, but if you’re someone traveling for golf in a far-flung destination and have already plunked down thousands of dollars on a tee time and travel to get there, I promise you that having a hand warmer to keep you comfortable on the course is worth every penny!

G-Tech Heated Hand Warmer Sport 3.0

The Heated Hand Warmer Sport 3.0 introduces G-Tech’s patented “G-TECH HEAT”, a heating technology that delivers the fastest, hottest, and most concentrated heat on the market directly to your hands. The Heated Pouch has been specifically designed for professional athletes all around the world including players within the NFL, CFL, NBA, MLB, NCAA, PGA Tour, LPGA Tour. And it’s been tailored to keep these professional athletes warm so that they can perform at the highest level possible.
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Similar to the hand warmer, having a range finder on a golf course is an essential piece of kit to help you navigate your way around and quickly make club selections. Nobody wants to play with the “Hey can you tell me what the yardage is?” golfer, and with the NX7 you can get an accurate and reliable range finder for just $200.

Precision Pro NX7 Pro Slope Rangefinder

The NX7 Pro Slope is a Precision Pro classic. Around since 2017, the product was refreshed in 2021. Strong performance is wrappped into a simple design featuring Adaptive Slope and easy flag pickups. The perfect no frills product for the golfer in need of accurate distances.
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Last but not least, having a quality Bluetooth speaker that can hit a nice volume while still keeping a charge for a full 18-hole round or more is a great accessory to have when playing by yourself, or having fun out on the course with friends. The Rokform G-Rok offers tons of battery life and strong magnets to keep it secure on your cart no matter where your golf game takes you.

Rokform G-ROK Wireless Golf Speaker

Product Description In The Box Videos FAQ The ultimate easy-to-use golf speaker. Portable bluetooth golf cart speakers that instantly sticks to a golf cart and other metal surfaces. This rugged iPX7 Waterproof & Dustproof wireless portable speaker is perfect to take on and off the course. The G-ROK will provide you with 24-hour battery life, 30 Foot range of wireless quality sound, and one heck of a powerful magnetic hold to your golf cart. This speaker is a must-have for all golfers! Easy to use Magnetic Mounting iPX7 waterproof and dustproof Rugged drop-resistant construction (5 ft) 24 hours of play time Built-in speaker phone Wireless up to 30 ft Optional Micro SD Card stores up to 5,000 songs G-ROK Speaker with built in Twist Lock and Magnets Removable Aluminum Hook (for storing or hanging on golf bag) Aux cable for connecting to non-wireless devices USB power cord Instruction manual
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