4 all-weather golf grips for playing rounds in the elements

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Don't let a rainstorm stop you from playing your best golf. These golf grips are perfect for rounds on the wetter side.

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Grip slippage is an obvious concern when the rain is falling. The same goes for when it’s hot or humid (or both) and your hands are sweating. The month of May can produce both conditions, so here are a few moisture-defying products designed to improve your chances of maintaining the delicate relationship between hand and club.

Callaway’s Thermal Grip gloves ($25 a pair) — with their fleece cuff lining, microfiber outer shell and full suede palm — are specifically designed for very unpleasant weather.

SuperStroke’s S-Tech Cordgrip ($9 each) relies on a Cross-Traction texture to provide tack and feedback no matter what you’re facing.

SuperStroke Zenergy Tour Putter Grips

Tour Series putter grips feature SuperStroke’s traditional and most popular putter grip profile. The Tour Series parallel design has uniform lower hand profile to minimize grip pressure and maintain putter head path for a more consistent stroke. Please note: The Tour 1.0 putter grip does not come with a Tech-Port and cannot house a CounterCore Weight.
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FootJoy has had great success with their RainGrip gloves ($27 a pair), thanks in part to their auto-suede palm material and quick-drying knit.

Golf Pride MCC Grip

The MCC™ (New Decade® MultiCompound) is an innovative hybrid grip that fuses the positive performance of rubber and cord. The MCC boasts the Golf Pride® exclusive Brushed Cotton Cord in the upper hand area for firm all-weather control, and a performance rubber material in the lower hand for ultimate feel and responsiveness.
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Lastly, Lamkin’s UTX Ultra Tack grip ($10.50 each) utilizes an X pattern cord built around Tri-Layer tech for max traction.

Now, the next time you’re dealing with less than ideal playing conditions, you’ll know what to do.

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