GOLF staff picks: What we’re buying, where we’re playing and who we’re following right now

February 27, 2019

Welcome to GOLF’s Shag Bag, a monthly feature that runs in GOLF magazine and tells you, the reader, exactly where we’re playing, what we’re buying, and more, when it comes to the sport we all love.

Who we’re following
I’ve recently been tracking two different photo-driven accounts. @LinksGems is well-known. Just gorgeous golf photos. The other is @DogsOfTurf, which is devoted entirely to golf’s canines. It’s as fun as you’d think it would be. —Sean Zak

What we’re watching
Old Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf episodes on YouTube. Recommend: Harry Bradshaw v. Billy Casper at Portmarnock, 1963. Cardigans and crewcuts in full color—and Sarazen on the mic. —David DeNunzio

What we’re ’gramming
When you meet the GOAT, it goes on Instagram. —Jeff Ritter

Where we’re playing
I’m pretty pumped about the South Course at Corica Park, a newly renovated muni in my neck of the woods in the Bay Area. What was once a flat and featureless track with terrible drainage is now a firm, fast layout with lots of movement, designed in the style of an Aussie sandbelt course. It’s everything anyone could ask for in a city-run track. Now, if only people played it more quickly. —Josh Sens

What we’re buying
I got my first Galvin Green jacket years ago, and that bad-weather defender goes with me everywhere I travel and tee it up. This year I bought three more as gifts for family members. News flash: They love ’em, too. —Josh Berhow

Galvin Green jacket


March’s issue is the first of our ClubTest rollout, and it includes a guide to where you can get the latest and greatest woods and irons. Which golf club has been in your bag the longest?

Tim Young on Facebook: First-year release of the Ping Anser putter. My dad bought it; I inherited it when he passed in ’95. It’s been in my bag ever since.

Dean Jaeger on Facebook: A Hogan K Grind sand wedge, 27 years. And it will be staying in my bag for another 27 years.

Mike Thames on Facebook: The original Big Bertha driver. If my newer driver is not working for me, I can always hit the old Bertha.

Chris Woods on Facebook: My TaylorMade Burner 4-hybrid rescue. I smack it 195 to 205 yards and can hit pretty much any shot with an easy, wedge-type swing.

Willie Mathews on Facebook: My 56° Nike VR forged wedge. My money-making stick!

Ping Anser putter

If you’ve had a clubfitting, do you feel it was worth it?

@KyleHanna12 on Twitter: No question it’s worth it. Everyone thinks about the clubhead first, but it made me realize how important shaft selection is. Changing my shafts from S to X and getting a newer clubhead increased my distance 20 yards.

@SteveSisto on Twitter: 100% worth it. For me, using fitted clubs helped my posture immensely. Not being forced to hunch over for short clubs or overextend my arms for long clubs worked wonders for my game.

Eman243 on Reddit: I loved my first fitting experience. It helped me find the accuracy and consistency I was striving to achieve.

@DASORIG on Twitter: Yes and no. Clubfitting depends on two things: the skills of the fitter and the tools they use. While a skilled fitter can overcome a lack of sophisticated tools, it doesn’t work the other way around. This is the downfall of many golf retail shops.