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First Look: Callaway Chrome Soft X, Superhot 70, Warbird Balls

January 17, 2017

Led by the popular Chrome Soft model, Callaway’s golf ball division enjoyed a banner year in 2016. Three lineup changes for 2017 include a new Tour ball plus two distance offerings. All three balls will be in stores on Feb. 3.

Callaway Chrome Soft X Ball

Price: $40 / dozen

Following the success of the Chrome Soft, the four-piece Chrome Soft X has a higher compression (90 vs. 70) and firmer feel for faster, Tour-like swing speeds. A formula change to the dual “SoftFast” core contributes to more ball speed off the tee, and combines with a slightly firmer urethane cover for crisper feel. “The ball has similar greenside control as Chrome Soft but with more iron spin for maximum workability and control,” says Dave Bartels, senior director of golf ball R&D. Plus, the HEX aerodynamic dimple pattern has been modified for a more penetrating flight with short and mid irons. The Chrome Soft X will be offered in white and yellow, and has the Truvis color scheme as an option.

Callaway Superhot 70 Ball

Price: $28 / 15-pack

The soft-feeling distance ball has a lively, low compression core (70) for soft feel and fast ball speed. (The previous version, Superhot 55, had a 55-compression core, so you should expect the updated model to have a marginally firmer feel.) The three-piece design has a firm mantle layer and new Surlyn cover to complement the core by limiting spin on full shots, which reduces hooks and slices. Plus, the HEX aerodynamic dimple pattern cuts in-flight drag and increases lift for higher-trajectory shots off the tee and from the fairway. The new cover composition also helps generate higher spin rates (and added control) on shots around the green compared to the previous model. The Superhot 70 will be sold in 15-packs (not by the dozen).

Callaway Warbird Ball

Price: $18 / dozen

The two-piece Warbird is aimed at players looking for maximum distance. Warbird features a large, soft, high-energy core that’s easy to compress for a wide range of swing speeds. A thin, ionomer cover complements the soft core by providing added feel throughout the bag, while HEX aerodynamics reduce in-flight drag and increase launch for more distance. The Warbird comes in white and yellow.