Titleist TS4 driver: The key to the new club’s spin-killing design

Titleist TS4 driver

When Titleist engineers embarked on the Speed Project, a plan to develop woods that produce maximum speed and distance, they weren’t messing around. Case in point: the hugely successful TS2 and TS3 drivers. The latest addition to the TS family, the ultra-low spin TS4, is made to round out the fitting options for players with unique needs, i.e., those who can’t quite optimize the spin and launch numbers with the TS2 or TS3.

According to Josh Talge, vice president of marketing, Titleist Golf Clubs, the new TS4, with its 430cc, pear-shaped clubhead, can cut spin by 300-400 rpm over the TS3. This makes it a good option not only for some high-speed swingers, but also a variety of players—even some with moderate swing speed—who need lower spin rates to achieve optimum performance.

The key to the spin-killing TS4 design is a low and forward CG location, which is accomplished in large part by the SureFit Flatweight positioned more forward in the sole. Other features include an ultra-thin titanium crown for added weight savings and a more compact aerodynamic shape. The refined Radial VFT (variable face thickness) clubface design reduces weight and increases ball speed and distance. The TS4 also comes with a SureFit hosel that allows for 16 loft and lie options.

Low Spin to Win

VFT Face
Titleist’s fastest yet features a lighter, refined Radial VFT face for more ball speed and distance.

The face on the Titlist TS4 driver.

Classic Shape
The 430cc pear-shaped clubhead is more aerodynamic for faster swings, longer shots, and the compact look that better players demand.

The new Titleist TS4 driver is pear-shaped.

Ultra-Thin TI Crown
20 percent thinner than the previous 917 drivers for weight savings and a more forward CG location.

A view of the crown on the Titleist TS4 driver.

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