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SPOTTED: PXG’s new 0811X and 0811X+ prototype drivers for 2020

February 4, 2020

Throughout the company’s history, PXG drivers have used small weight screws on their soles — positioned around the perimeter — to help golfers dial in flight characteristics and weight. Those screws, which started with the company’s original 0311 irons, also gave PXG clubs a signature look.

PXG’s new 0811X and 0811X+ prototype drivers, however, have gone away from the small weight screws. Instead, the drivers use a system of larger weights, as seen in the PXG Gen2 putters. Both of the prototype drivers have four weight portals located on the perimeter of the soles; and if the drivers use the same exact weight system as the putters, they hold weights that range from 5-20 grams.

The two 2020 prototype drivers were unveiled in Hawaii, and according to a PXG Tour representative, “every single PXG staffer has switched” into one-of-the-two new prototypes as of the 2020 Waste Management Phoenix Open. According to a PXG rep, each player is picking up ball speed due to the switch.

With a slightly different profile, the PXG 0811X+ driver is designed to have about 400 rpm more spin than the 0811X model. That means the “+” version will likely be the more forgiving of the two models for most players.

Compared to the Gen2 drivers, it seems the new prototypes have the same “Hot Rod Technology” in their crowns. As a reminder, the muscle-car-inspired crowns of the Gen2 drivers used a multi-level carbon fiber design to reduce energy loss at impact.

PXG is not yet commenting on the new designs or retail possibilities, so for now, all we can do is speculate and enjoy the photos.

PXG 0811X prototype driver

PXG 0811X+ prototype driver

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