Improve your driving with this Power Practice series

December 13, 2019

Ah, to be young again. For golfers, aging is a problem of particular importance, because as we age we lose both speed and athleticism in our swing. If you’re someone who struggles with either of those things, a fix to bring your game back to the good old days could be a lot easier than you think.

The key, as GOLF top 100 teacher Brady Riggs tells Cordie Walker in this episode of Honma Power Practice, is to master control of your weight transfer. For many golfers, the full potential of their power isn’t being realized because their center of gravity is too far back.

To combat this, shift your weight from your heels to your toes. Your adjustment will move you to a more athletic position, allowing the weight transfer in your swing to follow the natural arc of your swing, and not be drawn toward the ball.

Make the “shift” towards your toes, and you’ll see your swing speed and athleticism return in no time.