FIRST LOOK: Cobra Snakebite wedges and King Forged Tec Black irons

Cobra wedges black tec 2023

Cobra's new Snakebite wedges and King Forged Tec Black irons.

Cobra Golf

For golfers looking for more short game control, Cobra just launched three new wedge models; the Snakebite, Snakebite One Length, and a cavity back Snakebite X for more forgiveness and golf ball-stopping bite.

For golfers looking to dress up their iron game with a hollow-forged players distance iron, Cobra has you covered there too with the launch of the limited-edition Forged Tec Black irons.

Snakebite wedges

Cobra Snakebite 2023 wedges

Cobra Snakebite X Wedge

Check out Cobra’s Snakebite X wedge at Fairway Jockey.

The headliner technology in the new wedges is Cobra’s Snakebite groove, which is manufactured to its tightest tolerances ever to increase groove volume and sharpness to create maximum spin potential, especially on partial shots around the green where spin is crucial.

A unique element of the wedges is Cobra’s progressive groove design to optimize performance by tailoring groove depth and width for each specific loft. The 48 to 54-degree lofts feature a traditional groove length and narrower and deeper grooves while the higher lofted 56 to 60-degree lofts feature full-face groove length and wider and shallower grooves to maximize spin on shots struck with an open face.

The Snakebite wedges also offer three distinct grind options to let each players select the wedge sole design that best works with their game and playing style.

Versatile grind: An all-around sole shape for medium to firm course conditions, heel, toe, and trailing edge relief.
Classic grind: A traditional sole width with trailing edge relief, for neutral to steeper swings to help reduce digging.
Widelow grind: A low bounce yet wider sole design which works best in soft conditions to prevent the club from sticking into the turf or sand.

The Snakebite wedges are available now and priced at $159 each. The Snakebite wedges are available in satin chrome and QPQ black finish.

Snakebite X

SnakebiteX cobra wedge

Cobra Snakebite Wedge

Build you own Cobra Snakebite wedge at Fairway Jockey.

The Snakebite X is a hollow cavity game improvement design that is made to offer an extremely soft feel thanks to a TPU insert built into the cavity. The wedge offers full-face Snakebite grooves across all loft options to create superior spin performance on shots hit all over the face.

Each Snakebite X wedge is equipped with a teardrop grind that provides versatility across all turf conditions.

The Snakebite X wedges are available now and priced at $159 each.

King Forged Tec Black irons

Cobra 2023 back forged Tec
Cobra’s King Forged Tec Black iron. Courtesy

The new limited-edition King Forged Tec Black Irons offer all of the same technology as the standard Forged Tec and Forged Tec X models but in a military DBM (Diamondized Black Metal) finish, which provides more resistance to wear and tear along with corrosion compared to other carbon steel black finishes on the market.

The DBM finish is chemically implanted into the metal to enhance surface hardness for durability while maintaining the soft feel of the 5-step forged 1025 carbon steel.

Under the surface of the new black finish King Forged Tec lies a hollow cavity filled with a light, vibration-absorbing foam that further enhances sound, feedback, and feel at impact.

Cobra also gives the 3- through 7-iron a 20-gram tungsten toe weight that helps offset the weight in the hosel and position the center of gravity directly behind the sweet spot. Doing so improves the overall feel at impact while adding off-center stability to the heel and toe mis-hits. In other words, don’t expect the distance loss between center and off-center hits to be noticeable, especially for a compact profile.

Price and availability

The limited-edition Forged Tec and Forged Tec X Black irons are available in a 7-piece (4-PW) right-handed set, while a left-handed Forged Tec set will also be available. They are priced at $1599 for steel and $1799 in graphite. Cobra also offers multiple no-charge and up-charge shaft and grip offerings through their custom program.

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