ClubTest 2018: TaylorMade M3 fairway wood review

February 21, 2018

PRICE: $299

SPECS: 15°, 17° and 19° with Mitsubishi Tensei Blue shaft.

RECOMMENDATION: Lots of players can fit into the M3, but mid- and low-handicaps who want a precise fit and enhanced control are the main targets.

KEY TECHNOLOGIES: Improved moveable weight track allows 29g to be positioned 8 percent closer to the face than in the previous M1; thinner, five-layer composite crown for more weight savings; longer sole slot for a larger high-COR area and improved performance on hits low on the face; improved sole design for better turf interaction.

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TaylorMade engineers continue to improve on previous club offerings, regardless of how great the previous models might have been. In the case of the M3, it clearly surpasses the excellent M1 in a variety of ways, not the least of which is the significantly improved weight track that allows CG adjustability for spin rate and launch angle customization. In addition, improvements to the sole design for friendlier turf interaction are a very nice touch, while enlarging the sole slot and, in turn, the sweet spot of the clubface is more than welcome. For less accomplished players who liked the M1 but thought it was too demanding, the new M3 will seem surprisingly easy to hit and effective from a variety of lies.


“The ball gets down-range quickly. Elite model with a mid-launch and solid workability.”

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