Check out Titleist’s new Vokey Signature 56-degree wedges

July 19, 2017

Last year Titleist offered a limited run Vokey Signature 60-degree wedge that sold out in no time, and now there’s a slightly less limited 56-degree model available.

Consisting of 50 unique wedges ($400 each), every one hand-ground by none other than Bob Vokey himself, the new 56-degree model features 12-degrees of bounce and is made to be played in a wide variety of conditions, making it appealing to all types of players.

Other features of the new Vokey Signature wedge include heel, toe, and trailing edge relief, as well as a pre-worn leading edge, enhancing turf interaction and making the club playable in just about any position including open, square, and toe down. A durable Diamond LC finish provides a dark, gunmetal look with exceptional durability.

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Custom options like shaft choice, grip, ferrule, and others are available at no additional charge on