Buzzy online retailer Trendy Golf is opening its first pop-up shop. Here’s where, when and why

March 1, 2020
Nike Air Jordan V Low Shoes

If you’re a golfer who cares about style, you’re likely familiar with Trendy Golf. The online retailer curates pieces from more than 30 brands — ranging from well-established (Nike, Adidas, Puma) to up-and-coming (Birds of Condor, Jones, Malbon Golf) — to offer a one-stop shopping destination for fashionably-minded golfers.

Since 2010, the online retailer has had one primary goal: select the most stylish golf pieces from a wide variety of labels and place them in one user-friendly, easily-shoppable spot. Trendy Golf has also partnered with some of these brands to create unique, limited-edition pieces golfers can’t find elsewhere.

Now, Trendy Golf is breaking out of its digital-only world by opening its first pop-store.

In partnership with American Rag Cie, Trendy Golf Live will open on March 9 in the La Brea Fashion District of Los Angeles. Products offered in-store will range from highly curated pieces to limited-release items that will be sold exclusively at the store. An entire section of the store, called Kicks Lounge, will offer limited-edition footwear pieces that are otherwise difficult to find (think Nike Air Jordans). The Kicks Lounge will also offer exclusive collaborations and pieces that don’t exist elsewhere. Another section of the store, called Heat Room, will highlight apparel from new, up-and-coming brands.

Trendy Golf Live follows a trend happening in the greater world of mainstream e-commerce — brands like Warby Parker, Bonobos, Amazon and, most recently, Something Navy, all started in the digital space and broadened their reach by offering brick-and-mortar experiences.

Trendy’s pop-up shop will be open through July. During golf’s major championships and other significant events, the store will host launch parties and meet-and-greet experiences with designers and professional golfers, and also offer styling services and other unique in-person shopping experiences.

Can’t make it to L.A.? Here are five products we’re loving from Trendy Golf right now:

Nike Air Jordan V Low Shoes

Nike Air Jordan V Low Shoes

RLX Brushback Thermal Pique

Ralph Lauren quarter zip

Greyson Montauk Shorts

Montauk Orange Shorts

Nike Aerobill Classic 99 Rope Cap

Nike rope cap

C.P. Company Crew Neck Sweatshirt

Brown crew neck

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