Vision Quest: Bushnell Hybrid GPS rangefinder

September 22, 2018
The Bushnell Hybrid rangefinder goes flag-hunting.

Of the dizzying array of gadgets and gear the traveling golfer should have along on his next trip, a reliable rangefinder tops the list. The new Bushnell Hybrid is ideal.

It’s the world’s first golf laser rangefinder and GPS combo with a fully integrated laser/GPS display that features both laser and GPS yardages. So you get laser distances to the pin and GPS-provided front, center and back yardage readings within the LCD. Now, even if you’re confined to the cart path, or have your target blocked by trees or mounds, you’ll have your yardage—and your confidence.

Accurate to one yard, the Hybrid utilizes Pinseeker with JOLT technology, which means that the unit vibrates when it locks in the distance number. This is the next best thing to having a Tour caddie.

The Bushnell Hybrid rangefinder is pictured.
The Bushnell Hybrid goes flag-hunting and delivers front- and back-edge yardages.