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Oscar De La Hoya at a True Spec fitting.

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One of the most entertaining boxing champions, Oscar De La Hoya has won 10 titles in six different weight divisions, with a boxing style that blends speed, power and finesse. These attributes are not only evident in the ring but also in his impressive golf game.

Recently, the legendary Golden Boy visited True Spec Golf in Beverly Hills, Calif., hoping to enhance his shotmaking versatility. We followed along to document the process.

Finding improvements

When it comes to his iron game, Oscar doesn’t lack distance but after seeing improvements in his game over the last couple of years he was excited to work with True Spec Golf master fitter Shaun Fagan to help add extra control and workability into his approach play.

“After using a previous set of more distance-focused irons, De La Hoya’s game improved, leading him to seek additional maneuverability without sacrificing distance,” Fagan said. “In other words, Oscar desired distance paired with workability, prompting him to favor Titleist’s CNCPT CP-03 model, a midsized hollow-body iron with substantial tungsten weighting for enhanced power, control, and forgiveness.”

Oscar De La Hoya in the fitting bay at True Spec Beverly Hills. Ryan Noll

Shot trajectory was a crucial factor in De La Hoya’s decision to select the CP-03 model, and Fagan said that the CP-03 produced similar distances when compared to other hollow-body irons that he tried. But with the CP-03s, De La Hoya hit the ball lot higher.

“The CP-03 has a more traditional loft profile than his previous clubs, which helps create additional spin,” Fagan said. “Adding spin typically increases the descent angle which helps to enhance stopping power when attacking flags. Additionally, with a smaller tour style footprint and less offset, the CP-03 will enable Oscar to strike the ball more precisely out of the rough and work the ball more seamlessly both left and right.”

De La Hoya’s Foresight fitting data. True Spec Golf

For his shaft choice, De La Hoya opted for the Project X LS, a low-spinning model that promotes a lower launch. Fagan said that despite it being a shaft that typically produces a lower ball flight, the Project X LS proved to be the perfect fit for De La Hoya’s quick hand speed, providing the ideal complement to his new CNCPT CP-03 irons.

“The LS 6.0 shaft is a stepless profile that mirrors his previous Rifle 6.0 shaft,” Fagan said. “Same weight, similar bend profile, but with a little more feel for a player of Oscar’s strength. Despite being labeled a low-spin and low-launch shaft, it created the ideal dynamic when paired with the CP-03 to produce the most accurate and consistent shots of any combination we tested.”

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During our conversation, Fagan dished out an interesting nugget about custom fitting as it pertains to lie-angle adjustments. Although De La Hoya has a far-from-average physique, his physical measurements are within the standard range, necessitating standard lie angles for his clubs.

“True Spec’s focus is primarily on optimizing the components (head, shaft and grip) before making major adjustments to lie angles,” Fagan said. “We fit for a player’s potential, something I call ‘fitting from a position of optimism.’ This approach aims to provide golfers with clubs that maximize their results while facilitating room for improvement over time. We know it’s a long-term investment to buy custom golf clubs, and we want to make sure that as the player gets better, the clubs only continue to work better for them”.

Fagan emphasized that fitting a player with overly flat or upright swing characteristics can hinder their progress and development. True Spec‘s goal is to provide golfers with a set of clubs they can confidently rely on, offering immediate benefits while also supporting their growth as players.

To get a first-hand look at Oscar’s visit, check out the video below.

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