Black Friday golf deals: 10 things WE’RE buying on Black Friday

November 28, 2019

There’s no shortage of Black Friday deals out there, including Black Friday golf deals. While we’ve already put together several guides to help you find your way to your favorite golfy items, we figured we’d include one more — a list of things we’re buying. So read up, and maybe you’ll soon be after the same goodies, too.

Adidas Adipure SP golf shoes

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I’ve been waiting all year for an excuse to snag a pair of Adidas’ Adipure SP golf shoes in white. Dustin Johnson started rocking these at least as far back as the PGA at Bethpage, and they’ve clearly become his footwear of choice. I’m under no delusions that I’ll look half as cool as DJ, even with these kicks — but if I could just get, like, 20 percent of the way there, that would be major progress. Plus, they’re 20 percent off. — Dylan Dethier

$152 / BUY NOW

Animal-themed headcover

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My mascot-loving 7-year-old caught the golf bug this summer. (Hurrah!) So when we found ourselves in a sporting goods store the other day, I wasn’t surprised to see him gravitate toward a rack of animal-themed headcovers. Monkeys, bears, penguins — he delighted in them all. But there was one fuzzy fella that most appealed to him: an homage to the buck-toothed gopher from Caddyshack. Mind you, the kid doesn’t know Carl Spackler from Carl Lewis, but for whatever reason the rodent just spoke to him. I didn’t buy it on the spot, but (shhh…) it’s in my cart and will soon be under our Christmas tree. — Alan Bastable

$22.99 / BUY NOW

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Foray Golf gear

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Women ask me all the time what company they should consider when shopping for golf clothes. My answer is immediate — Foray Golf. The brand focuses 100 percent of its energy on perfecting women’s golf clothes, and that’s apparent as soon as you wear any of its products. In addition to using stretchy, high-quality materials to offer elevated basics (think polos with four-way stretch, longsleeve sunshirts that offer UPF 50, wrinkle-resistant skirts that are made with Italian jersey, etc.), Foray draws inspiration from streetwear and fashion runways to create limited-edition, small-capsule collections throughout the year that’ll help you stand out on the course. Foray Golf offers its site-wide 40-percent-off sale just once per year — it starts on Thanksgiving (at 4 p.m. ET) and ends on Cyber Monday. I’ve got my eye on this Grey Toile skirt, but you better believe I’ll be scouring the entire site right after feasting. — Ashley Mayo

$96 / BUY NOW

Lululemon pants

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For as long as human beings have walked the earth, we’ve desired to do so in sweatpants. Jeans? Too rigid. Dress pants? Too itchy. Shorts? Try wearing them in January. Sweats are the utility club of the clothing world — versatile, but you’re probably better off ripping driver. So, when I snuck in an autumn round a few weeks ago, my ears perked up when I heard one of my buddies describe the Lululemon pants he was wearing as “sweats you can wear to golf and to work.” They’ll cost me a pretty penny, but I’m following my basic human instinct here. Sign me up for pants that perform like golf pants, look like dress pants and feel like sweats. — James Colgan

$128 / BUY NOW

Under Armour Cold Gear Rush leggings

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Sometimes I want to play golf in cold weather, but I sincerely hate wearing pants. I prefer skorts or shorts on the course, but when winter comes along it can get a bit chilly. Enter the Under Armour Cold Gear Rush leggings. These leggings keep me warm and are amazingly soft and comfortable, and because they’re designed for athletes, I can swing freely and chase my ball down in whatever hazard I’ve managed to hit it into in comfort (and style). — Rachel Bleier

$70 / BUY NOW

Personalized golf balls

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Last year around the holidays, a friend gave me a couple of boxes of personalized ProV1s from Golfballs.com, with my name emblazoned on them in bright green letters. His intentions were pure, I think, but the gift almost had the impact of a practical joke, as I spent the next few months leaving evidence of my incompetence in bushes, wooded thickets and tangled rough all around Northern California. Especially incriminating was the time I rattled an errant drive off a neighboring house, making a sickening thud that was all the more alarming when I remembered that my name was on the ball — the equivalent of a burglar leaving a business card. So this year I figure I’ll return the favor and get my friend some personalized golf balls. I might even buy some with his name on them for myself. If the spirit really moves me, I’ll get him a few unmarked sleeves as well. Golfballs.com has good prices on those, too. — Josh Sens

$11.95-44.99 / BUY NOW

Bag Boy Nitron push cart

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At my advancing age I have finally embraced the Push Cart Mafia lifestyle. It’s easier on the body and, frankly, I love using the trays and pouches to spread out my snacks, sunscreen, and other detritus and thus not have to dig around in my bag. I’ve always relied on whatever trolleys are available at the host venue but have been sad to discover that many have janky wheels, missing straps and other issues that compromise the experience. So I’m finally getting my own push cart, the Bag Boy Nitron. It’s the Ferrari of trolleys and I’m actually a little too excited to start rolling up to golf courses and disgorge it from my trunk, gliding to the first tee like a P.C. Mafia don. — Alan Shipnuck

$219.95 / BUY NOW

The Bourbon Wool-Adjustable Wool Cap

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For years, I followed the same ritual whenever I played a course of consequence. I’d pick up the requisite hat to let people know I’d been big-game hunting at a Top 100 track. It was the ultimate humblebrag for a #logobingo enthusiast. After racking up more lids than I could ever wear in my lifetime, I decided to shake things up and stop buying the usual swag. These days, if I’m going to spend coin on a hat, it needs to have some bravado. Enter Imperial (one of my favorite headwear brands) and its unique designs — like the Bourbon Wool adjustable. Slapping a glass of Bourbon on the rocks on the front is going to get people talking; not to mention the wool material will keep your noggin warm during the winter months. — Jonathan Wall

$30 / BUY NOW

‘Puppies & Golf’ onesie

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Call me crazy, but I’m already trying to get my 3-month-old to fall in love with golf. Right now, that means surrounding him with images of the sport and, of course, dressing him for the part. I’ve already bought him a “Puppies & Golf” onesie, but now that I know “Puppies Make Me Happy” is offering a Black Friday promotion (30 percent off plus a free beanie with the code GolfFriday19), I feel compelled to buy a second one. These onesies are adorable (and fantastic conversation starters!), but knowing that I’m donating to a good cause makes each purchase feel extra special. Fifty percent of the sale of these onesies benefit K9’s for Warriors, a charity that trains dogs for Veterans with PTSD. Scoring a deal is always a primary goal on Black Friday, but being able to combine that with giving back and indoctrinating a love for golf makes this purchase a triple win. — Ashley Mayo

Price: $19 / BUY NOW

Adidas Ultimate 365 Solid golf polo

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When it comes to style, I favor simplicity. That’s why I was stoked to see some of these Adidas shirts included in Black Friday deals. A ton of the site’s offerings are between 30-50 percent off though Saturday, and these Ultimate 365 Solid Golf Polos are among them. I like the fit of other Adidas golf polos I’ve owned in the past, and I can wear ’em on the course and in the office. Plus, some color schemes (like the one here) are as cheap as $33, down from $65. That’s a low-key steal. — Josh Berhow

$33-52 / BUY NOW

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