Best golf travel bags: The 6 most durable and stylish golf travel bags

The best golf travel bags


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When you head off on a long-awaited golf vacation, playing with rental sticks just isn’t right. You’ve got to find a way to tote your clubs around. In decades past, most golf travel bags were hard-edged, coffin-like contraptions that strained your arms and shoulders as you lugged them through the airport. But designs have come a long way since. The best options today offer a sweet marriage of form and function. They’re portable yet sturdy and protective, lightweight with plenty of storage room, and made from material that lasts. In a crowded market, you could scour the Internet in search of budget choices. But you’d run the risk of getting what you pay for. Here are 6 golf travel bags we believe are worth the price.

Best golf travel bag for traveling like the pros

Club Glove: Last Bag

Conduct a stakeout at the baggage claim, or along the runway of a private airstrip, and you’ll see: this is the travel bag Tour pros use the most. Fashioned from waterproof, industrial-strength nylon, and reinforced by straps and fabrics that are stronger still, the Club Glove folds up compactly when it’s empty. Otherwise, it wraps snugly around your clubs while allowing ample room for extras, including pockets for your shoes. Its sturdy, plastic base has in-line skate wheels that roll smoothly and quietly, and feel as if they could withstand a trip to hell and back. Available in 17 colors, and three sizes (stand bags, cart bags and Tour bags), every model comes with a metal stiff arm for additional protection. When they say Last Bag, they mean it literally — it’s meant to be the last one you’ll need to buy.


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Best golf travel bag for portability

Kube Golf Travel Bag

Kube looks like a cube. Or, more precisely, like a small, plastic suitcase. Unbuckle it, though, and it opens into a full-size golf travel bag, made from military-grade strength fabric and plastic half-shells, with protective foam padding lining its innards. The bag is further reinforced along its underbelly and other areas that get high wear, and it has heavy-duty zippers running its full length for easy loading. It weighs less than 7 pounds and is available in eight colors.


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Best golf travel bag for maneuverability

Bag Boy Freestyle Travel Cover

The standout feature here is a six-wheel system that allows for frictionless rolling in both a tilted and upright position, so you can move as easily through airport terminals as you can through narrow revolving doors. A large main compartment fits most stand and cart bags, with room enough for a 48-inch driver. When you need to lift the bag, four convenient handles are there for you to hold.


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Best golf travel bag for a smooth ride

Clubglider from Sun Mountain

Not every travel bag has a leg to stand on. The Clubglider does — a leg that extends and retracts in a single motion, with pivoting wheels that allow for near-effortless maneuvering. Foam padding at the top helps cocoon your clubs, while zip-pockets make room for all kinds of accessories. Another plus: When propped into the standing position, the ClubGlider lets you pack and unpack your clubs without your having to kneel on the ground. Available in several models and price points, including the Merdiean, Tour Series and Journey, which are all the same size but feature different fabrics, and the larger Pro, which is designed for Tour bags.


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Best golf travel bag for storage

Ogio Mutant Travel Bag

Ogio calls the Mutant the “alpha male” of travel bags. What that means is that it’s big. Really big, with oversized wheels, an oversized padded main compartment, and an internal cinch-strap to help hold your clubs in place. There’s room in here for the heftiest of Tour bags, though the Mutant also has two exterior pockets on the slim chance you can’t fit everything inside. All that, and it weighs just 8.2 pounds.


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Best golf travel bag for versatility

Izzo High Roller

A cornucopia of convenient features include a six-wheel base, the better for upright or tilted rolling; two external storage pockets; a front accessory pocket; and padded internal panels to absorb impact. Though it’s large enough to fit most stand and cart bags, it folds up into a bundle so compact, it could pass for a carry-on.


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