Our Picks: Best golf swing trainers of 2023

Check out GOLF’s picks for the hottest brands and most convenient items we've seen all year. Get excited for these must-have swing trainers


Welcome to GOLF’s 2023 edition of the Best of Everything, where we’re providing you with, well… the best of everything!

Check out GOLF’s picks for the best golf swing trainers of 2023, which include the hottest brands and most convenient items we’ve seen all year.

Nothing’s more important than dialing in your swing on the golf course, and these training aids are the perfect tool to help you play better. Use them on the range, in the comfort of your own home, and even during your next practice round to help you get the feel you need for pro-level ball-striking ability.

So add these must-have items to your wish list and start your path to lower scores today!

These are the best of the best!

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Best of GolF SWING TRAINERS 2023

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GolfForever Swing Trainer

Best golf swing trainer: GolfForever Swing Trainer

GolfForever Swing Trainer

Unlock your swing with the most effective swing training tool ever, all driven by three routines in the Golf Forever app.

A training aid that’s good enough for world No. 1-ranked player Scottie Scheffler is definitely good enough for you or me — and with good reason, because the GolfForever Swing Trainer makes it easy to feel the proper transition of the golf swing.

Whether you’re building up your core strength with a pre- or post-round workout, or using the heavy duty warmup club to get loose, this swing trainer primes your mind and body for the round ahead.

Just remember: While you can train like Scheffler, there’s no guarantees your game will match his — but at least the GolfForever Swing Trainer helps you try and get closer.


rory mcilroy hits shot with prosendr


Use the wrist cradle to create the proper wrist condition, or add the compression sphere to help shallow the golf club and create better connection and radius.

I could sit here and talk all I want to about why the ProSENDR is one of my favorite swing trainers of the year. But instead of hearing it from me, why not get a full-blown endorsement from Rory McIlroy, who used four simple words to describe why he started using the tool.

“This makes it happen,” said McIlroy.

Coming from one of the greatest players of this generation, does it get any better than that?

As one of the only “3-in-1” golf training aids on the market, the ProSENDR helps players of all levels — not just 4-time major champions — build a pro level golf swing!

Lag Shot Driver + 7 Iron Combo

Lag Shot Driver + 7 Iron Combo

Unlock Your Best Golf Swing and Add 20+ Yards Effortlessly!  Adds Distance and Accuracy to All Your Drives. Groove a Swing That’s On Plane with Perfect Tempo & Timing.   Returns are not applicable after 30 days. 
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Whether you’re using the driver or the 7-iron, both Lag Shot clubs promise to help golfers of all skill levels grove a swing that’s on plane with perfect tempo and timing. By doing this, you’ll give yourself a better chance at hitting those pure shots that ascend into the air like an airplane taking off from a runway.

Create a fluid, stress-free transition whether you’re bombing the driver or trying to stick an approach shot — making you a force to be reckoned with all the way from tee-to-green.

Rukket Sports SPDR Portable Driving Range

Rukket Sports SPDR Portable Driving Range

The SPDR Portable Driving Range is a large 10 ft wide by 7 ft tall net with side wings and an overhang designed to catch shots hit from every club in the bag. The folding frame is easy to deploy and pack-up between uses. Don’t let its portability fool you, this is a heavy duty net used by professionals that includes a ball return feature so you can practice with a single ball. Improve your game with confidence using the most versatile and practical golf net available today. Features COMMERCIAL GRADE FOR THE MOST DEMANDING PRACTICE SETUPS! TOUGH and RUGGED: Heavy-duty folding metal frame. 2-minute setup, quicker to store away with the included carrying case. FOOLPROOF PRACTICE: Net STAYS on. NO need to remove each time the net is packed away! USE REAL GOLF BALLS:  Rukket Tough Netting! Use real golf balls and your own tee with any club in your bag. ADDED BENEFITS: Use only one ball and includes our NO scratch rubber base. Product Specs 10ft x 7ft What’s in the Box (1) SPDR Net (1) FREE Side Barrier Protective Wings (1) Tri turf Mat RUKKET FAIR PLAY GUARANTEE & LIFETIME WARRANTY: At Rukket Sports we know you came to win. We also understand that in order to win you need to train hard, so that’s why we’re proud to offer the Rukket Fair Play Guarantee & Lifetime Warranty for no-risk purchasing plus outstanding USA-based customer service!  
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If you’re like me, there’s a good chance you’ve carved out some time in the afternoon to head to the driving range to hit balls, only to show up and realize there isn’t a single bay open to practice from.

It’s brutal.

But with the Rukket Sports SPDR Portable Driving Range, you can bring the practice range to your own backyard or garage.

Thanks to the 10 feet x 7 feet dimension, even players who traditionally slice or snap hook can pound balls into the net, providing a great trainer to help with your golf swing — even during the offseason.

Both the net and frame are commercial grade, so it’s heavy duty enough to hit real golf balls over and over without having fear of wear and tear.

Rukket Sports Pathfinder Impact Mat™

Rukket Sports Pathfinder Impact Mat™

Are you looking for a golf training mat to help your golf game? The Rukket Pathfinder Impact Mat™ was designed with input from professional golfers and golf teachers to help players of all abilities improve their game. The strike mat tracks club face alignment and helps ensure clean contact with the ball while the foam pylons can be used to keep your swing on plane. Use all four pylons to practice hitting straighter shots or remove pylons to practice hitting draw or fade shots. It’s the most versatile golf swing practice mat available and works with every club in your bag! Features 2-in-1 golf swing training mat combining the features of an impact mat / strike mat and a swing path trainer to help golfers quickly identify and correct common swing problems like hooks and slices. It’s a golf swing impact / strike mat to help identify and correct club face alignment. Use the “velvet” turf to ensure you’re making clean contact with the ball. It’s also a golf swing training aid to help with swing plane alignment. Use it to fix a slice or a hook, and to practice hitting draw and fade shots. What’s in the Box (1) Rukket Pathfinder Impact Mat™ (4) Foam Pylons (1) Instruction Booklet Product Specs 25in x 13in x 0.8in RUKKET FAIR PLAY GUARANTEE & LIFETIME WARRANTY: At Rukket Sports we know you came to win. We also understand that in order to win you need to train hard, so that’s why we’re proud to offer the Rukket Fair Play Guarantee & Lifetime Warranty for no-risk purchasing plus outstanding USA-based customer service!
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The quickest way towards hitting better shots? Making sure the clubface is square at impact, allowing you to hit the sweet spot of the club.

Unfortunately, squaring the clubface isn’t something that comes easily for many amateur players — which is why the Rukket Sports Pathfinder Impact Mat™ is hear to serve as your personalized swing coach.

Either use all four pylons to correct your club path, or remove the pylons to work on hitting either draws or fades. However you’re looking to improve your swing, the Pathfinder Impact Mat™ is here to help.

So whether you’re looking to improve your center-face contact, identify flaws with your swing path, or just trying to stay sharp between rounds, it’s the ideal companion to have before heading to the first tee.

Alignment Ball

Alignment Ball

$39.99 (was $49.99)
Close to 20 feet of retractable cable! The Alignment Ball will help you work on start line easily and quickly on the putting green. Built in spokes make setup easy and efficient. Either straight putts or breaking putts, this retractable string can do it all! Carrying Case Included.
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I’ve written before about how the Alignment Ball helped me read greens like a pro, but it has plenty of other capabilities, too — one of which is helping you improve your golf swing.

Unlike some of these other trainers that focus on varying techniques of the golf swing, the Alignment Ball is a straightforward tool that can help you aim and align your shot, while also helping you practice hitting fades or draws.

Versatile and lightweight, bring this bad boy to the range with you and start having purpose with every ball you hit.

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