Best golf gifts: 6 great ideas for the beginner golfer on your list

December 2, 2019
The best golf gifts for beginners.

For the novice golfer on your list, you want to foster a thirst to improve but to also keep the mood light and fun. Now’s the time to arm them with in-the-bag essentials they’ll really love.

Make practice fun


Chippo golf game

Bring your wedge — and competitive edge — to the backyard, beach or tailgate with Chippo. Lovingly described by its creators as the “glorious lovechild of cornhole and golf,” it’s the perfect mix of competition and fun that resonates with golfers and non-golfers. The Chippo Starter Pack includes two target boards, heavy-duty chipping mats and six high-density foam practice balls. Setup is two-beer simple: place the targets 15 feet apart and start chipping away. Hit the board on the fly, it’s a Boardie. Get it?!


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Whip your way to better tempo

Orange Whip

Orange Whip training aid

With the Orange Whip, a novice can focus on swinging instead of hitting. Its amazingly simple design — weighted orange ball and a super-flexible shaft — is great for pre-round warm-ups and general rhythm work. Not only will your newbie’s balance improve; so will flexibility.


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Course manners are always in style

Insta Golf Spider Divot Tool

Insta golf spider divot tool

Proper pitch mark repair is a practiced — yet essential — art. New golfers can remove some of the guesswork of keeping greens pristine with the Insta Golf Spider Divot Tool. A simple push-pull action works to flatten out the putting surface without damaging root systems. And it comes with a sporty, magnetic ball marker, too.


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Get it together

Swing Align

Swing Align’s combination of bicep cuffs, cushioned pads, connection belt and alignment rods work together seamlessly to groove a move built on visual and muscle memory. It can help address issues with rotation, sequencing, plane and posture.


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Cool lifestyle appeal from the ground up

Puma Original Gs

Puma Original Gs shoes

That’s the story behind the Puma Original Gs. A hidden traction outsole provides grip and stability in a streetwear-ready package. Not only are these babies waterproof, but they make transitioning from your day-to-day to your golf shoes a cinch because, well, you don’t have to.


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Big wisdom in a small package

Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book

Harvey Penick's Little Red Book

There’s no need for a degree in advanced physics to understand Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book. The quick read is chock-full of well worn wisdom and down-home insights—upon completion, newbie will not only play better but enjoy the game more.


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