Best golf gifts: 10 awesome gadgets any golfer would love

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You can't go wrong by gifting a nifty gadget this holiday season!

Happy holidays from, your one-stop shop when it comes to looking for gifts for the golfer in your life. (Or yourself. We won’t tell.) This year we’ve compiled the best of the best to make your shopping experience a breeze. Not only will we recommend our favorite products, we’ll tell you where to buy them. For more holiday gift ideas, visit our Best Of Everything hub, or browse GOLF’s Pro Shop.

There are few gifts more universally appreciated than a good gadget. Boasting unisex appeal, everyone can applaud a bit of technology that makes life — or your game — even a smidge better or easier.

With that in mind, here are our 10 favorite gadgets for the golf lover on your holiday gift list. And hey, if you see something you like for yourself, we won’t judge!

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The best golf gadgets

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor

The only launch monitor that uses your mobile device to provide instant feedback on your swing. The Rapsodo MLM analyzes everything from launch data, club and ball speed to club recognition and shot trace visualization, all with instant video replay capability. It uses satellite range mapping technology for pinpoint distance accuracy. The MLM gives you the opportunity to train like the pros, with insightful data that helps you to develop your game with every shot. This device will not be able to give accurate information if you are hitting into a net, only when the ball is able to make a full flight.
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Callaway 200s Laser

Callaway’s 200s Laser Rangefinder is a highly compact and super lightweight device that won’t weigh you down. It uses Pin Acquisition Technology to lock onto the pin from up to 275 yards away. You are able to scan the entire landscape and lock on to multiple targets like trees, hazards, or other aim points and can measure in both yards and meters depending on preference.
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Garmin Approach S60 Watch

The Garmin Approach S60 Watch gives you critical distance info so you can hone your game. The watch comes preloaded with over 40,000 courses and offers automatic updates. The watch provides precise measurements wherever you are on the course and features the ability to track your other athletic endeavors such as running, swimming and cycling.
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Desert Fox Golf Phone Caddy

The Desert Fox Golf Phone Caddy easily attaches to your golf cart to keep your phone accessible at eye-level for the duration of your round. Its adjustable sides can accommodate nearly every smartphone model and case.

Izzo Swami Voice Clip Golf

Izzo’s Swami Voice Clip Golf gps is equipped with a built-in voice feature that delivers audible distances as you prepare to attack the pin. Another feature includes multiple display orientation for rotating the screen to view distances in a larger font. You will see and hear distances to the front, center and back of the green. 38,000 preloaded golf courses are available and do not include subscription fees. The Voice Slip Golf gps is water resistant, easy to charge, and offers up to 10 – 12 hours of battery life.
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Theragun Mini Percussive Therapy Device

The Theragun Mini Percussive Therapy Device is powerful and portable. This pocket-sized device offers quality deep muscle treatment. It features an ergonomic grip, 3 speeds, and a proprietary brushless motor with QuietForce technology. A 1 year warranty is included.
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Bag Boy Solar Charger

This Bag Boy Solar Charger charges multiple devices via sunlight and incandescent light. It’s compatible with most GPS units, as well as iPhone, Samsung and most mobile devices.

Range Gripper RG1

Golf carts have plenty of compartments, but they don’t always have a safe and convenient place for dad’s gadgets. The Range Gripper RG1 fits into the cup holder of a cart, and it provides rangefinders and phones the convenient safety they need.

Bushnell Golf Wingman

A high-quality speaker and GPS distances all in one convenient package! The rechargeable battery lasts for 10 hours, and BITE magnetic technology enables the speaker to easily attach to your golf cart.

Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors

Get personalized on-course strategy advice from the Arccos Caddie app simply by placing the sensor in the butt-end of each grip. Advanced analytics (powered by strokes gained) also provide detailed performance breakdowns to guide practice.
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