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Best golf-ball markers: These 9 nifty ball markers prove the little things in golf really do matter

November 27, 2019

When it comes to finding the best golf products, every golfer needs a little guidance. Don’t sweat it, we got you covered! For our new Best of Everything series, we’ve canvassed the golf accessories, apparel and game-improvement space to identify the very best stuff for your game. Think of us as your personal shopping assistant.


Life is all about the little things, the details that bring a smile or small level of satisfaction to your day. Golf is no different. Witness golf-ball markers: They’re one of the simplest (and smallest) devices in the game, yet they’re still a fun way for golfers to express themselves.

Golf-ball markers come in all shapes, sizes and styles. Some are designed specifically for their intended purpose, while others are plucked from another walk of life and repurposed for marking. But ball markers do have an important function outside of impressing your friends.

Golfers place markers behind their balls on putting greens to allow players to pick up and clean their balls without losing their spots. Markers also help your fellow golfers by removing the distracting presence of another ball in their line of sight. Markers also can be moved to accommodate a playing partner if it’s in the way of their putting line, as long as you move it back afterward in accordance with the rules.

Some popular golf-ball markers are designed to perform these functions in the most efficient way possible; others prioritize style and flash. Whatever your preference, here are our choices for the best ball markers.

Best Ball Marker for Craftsmanship

Seamus Golf Hand Forged Ball Marks

Seamus Golf Hand Forged Ball Marks

These eye-catching hand-hammered bronze ball marks are made in Portland, Oregon, by a second generation Blacksmith. The company refers to them as symbols “of all of the good things in this world,” but we just think they cool look. From peace signs and shamrocks, to Jack- and Arnie-themes, to an homage to Jordan Spieth’s famous “Go get that!” line from the 2018 Open Championship, it’s hard to pick a favorite.

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Best Ball Marker for Value

Athletic Works Neon Golf Ball Markers

Athletic Works Neon golf ball markers

Some golfers like to get fancy with their choice of golf-ball markers, but that doesn’t mean you do. If you’re the kind of player who thinks dropping big bills (or medium-sized bills) for a simple marker is out of line, than Athletic Works Neon golf ball markers are for you. For less than three bucks, you get about a dozen simple, plastic markers in several translucent neon colors. They also have a peg at bottom to stick in the turf and keep your mark in place, so in some ways they work even better than some costlier options.


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Best Ball Marker for Sentimentality

Dune Jewelry Custom Ball Markers

Dune Jewelry Custom Ball Markers

High-quality golf-ball markers don’t need to be overly flashy. That description fits Dune Jewelry’s ball markers perfectly. The custom markers feature a decorative stainless-steel rim, but the best part is the interior. Golfers can get the sand or grass from their favorite club embedded in the face. The result is an attractive, classy ball marker that commemorates an important place in a golfer’s heart, perfect for the golfer closest to your heart.


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Best Ball Marker for Splurgers

Vertini Gold Quattro Zero Ball Markers

Vertini Gold Quattro Zero ball markers

If you’re the type of golfer who spares no expense and enjoys a little (or a lot) of flair on the course, check out Vertini’s Gold Quattro Zero ball markers. The luxurious markers are made from 24K gold and platinum plating, providing all the shine you need during a sunny day on the course. The design is taken to another level with 20 colored Swarovski crystals embedded in a circular pattern in the center of the marker. They carry a hefty price tag, but you receive four markers with different colored crystals, all packaged in an attractive black jewelry box. Rest assured, you won’t mix up your marker with your playing partner’s.


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Best Ball Marker for Convenience

Pinmei Clip Ball Markers

Pinmei Clip Ball Markers

Pinmei golf ball markers are among the more practical ball markers available on the market. That’s because they come with a clip that snaps easily onto your hat, belt or anywhere else you want it, so you’ll never lose it. The markers themselves adhere to the clip with a strong magnet so you don’t have to worry about it ever falling off, either. A set of two ball markers will run you less than $10, and you get to choose from dozens of embossed designs, running the gamut from American flags to four-leaf clovers.


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Best Ball Markers for Laughs

Da Vinci Golf Ball Marker Poker Chip Collection

Da Vinci Golf Ball Marker Poker Chip Collection

Break the ice in your foursome and lighten up the mood with a few jokes, courtesy of your new Da Vinci golf ball markers. The Da Vinci marks come in a poker-chip design, but the selling point is what’s on the front of the chips. Each one contains a classic golf joke or pun (i.e., “Putt Now, Wine Later”, “May the Couse Be With You” and “Kiss My Putt”). You can get your hands on a 16-pack of Da Vinci ball markers perfect for your upcoming outing, or opt for 3-, 4-, or 8-packs if you’re shopping just for one.

$24.95 (16-pack)

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Best Ball Marker for Sports Lovers

Team Golf licensed NFL, MLB, NCAA, NHL Ball Markers

Team Golf licensed NFL, MLB, NCAA, NHL ball markers

Team Golf is the place to go if you want ball markers that fly the flag for your favorite sports team. Team Golf makes officially-licensed accessories from the NFL, MLB, NCAA and NHL, so you’re sure to find your squad, no matter how bad their record is. You can opt for a 3-pack of poker-chip style ball markers with your team’s logo emblazoned on the front for $15, or you can go for the metal hat-clip version featuring a slightly different design for a couple bucks less ($12.99).

$14.99 (3-pack poker-chip style markers)

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Best Ball Markers for Bling

Giggle Golf Custom Ball Markers

Giggle Golf Custom ball markers

If you want to sparkle on the course, pick up a Giggle Golf custom ball marker. The circular metal markers feature a ring of crystals around the outside edge that will collectively glint in the sun to temporarily blind your opponent, or at least make them envious. The color and inside design of the markers is up to you, and Giggle Golf offers a near-endless array of options to choose from. There really are designs for everyone, whether you’re a “Golf Diva” or a “Golfaholic.” With several Christmasy designs available, you can make a Giggle Golf ball marker a perfect stocking stuffer.


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