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Welcome to another edition of the Fully Equipped mailbag, sponsored by Cleveland/Srixon Golf, an interactive GOLF.com series in which we field your hard-hitting gear questions.

My clubs look tired and worn out, but they still perform great. Anything I can do? Michelle M. – Oregon

No matter how your clubs look, if they’re still performing how you want them to, then they’ll likely deliver the goods for another season, if not several more to come. But every now and then it doesn’t hurt to make a few tweaks to keep your clubs looking sharp. Because when you look sharp, you’ll feel better — just as you do when you’re wearing a new outfit — and feeling good may be just what you need to play your best golf.

Hey, it’s science. Sort of.

Lucky for you we have some answers. Below, you’ll find some advice on how to help you keep your sticks in tip-top shape. And, in some cases, looking better than they ever did before. Let’s get into it:

1. Custom paint fill

If you’re a gearhead like us, you know that those who have custom setups tend to also have custom paint fills in their clubs. You can sometimes get custom paint direct from the manufacturer, but many golfers get after-market work done on their clubs to give them that custom look. Or, if you’re adventurous, you can do it yourself with some enamel. Just remember, these paints can sometimes be pretty dangerous and noxious — especially when dealing with industrial-grade paint remover to remove the existing paint fill in your set. Speaking of, here’s a great product that’ll get you started:

2. Scuffs don’t have to be permanent

This one might require some custom paint fill, too, but if you have a scuff, chip or small dent in your iron or another club that doesn’t have a paint job, a simple sanding can sometimes erase those blemishes. If you have a sky-ball mark or something like that on the crown of a wood or driver, it’s a little more difficult, but not totally unfixable.

You have to remember that your woods have a similar paint job to your car. There’s usually a clearcoat above the paint, meaning to fix it you’ll need to fix the problem underneath the clearcoat and then fix the clearcoat itself. A quick tip: Rubbing compound, if used properly and sparingly, can be a godsend. For a quick shine, this is the best stuff we’ve found.

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Cleveland Launcher XL irons

Getting out on the course and enjoying the heck outta your round is what golf should be all about. Cleveland made these iron sets easy to use, so you can spend more time in the moment and less of it looking up the definition of Moment of Inertia.

3. Colorful grips

A change in color from black to gray, or even white, or a dual-colored grip could make your set look and feel fresh in a hurry. And unlike the previous fixes, this is one aesthetic upgrade that will help your clubs perform better, too.

4. Leather grips

Yes, they still exist and if you ever have the chance to wrap your fingers around one, you’ll understand why. A leather club or putter grip is most definitely a luxury, and we dare say probably unnecessary. But wow, does having one look good and, for that matter, feel good. There are several leather grip companies out there, but this one has some amazing ones. Ostrich? Alligator? Yes and yes.

5. Custom ferrules

Our own Ryan Barath is a big fan of custom ferrules (check out his Instagram and you’ll see why). A custom set of ferrules isn’t exactly a DIY project, but it’s a simple one for an experienced club-fitter and one that can make your clubs looks amazingly custom and stylish. One of our favorite collections of ferrules can be found right here.

6. Custom Headcovers

We’re still feeling leather in a big way for 2023. For a classic and classy look, a set of custom headcovers can add a whole new level of sophistication to your set. We like so many of them, it’s hard to pick one to feature, so here are three: Stitch, Iliac and Seamus. You can’t go wrong with any of those.  

7. A better and more stylish bag

Finally, this is the most obvious of the bunch. I mean, have you seen the latest in high-end golf bags? Some are downright gorgeous. There are several to choose from including Vessel and Jones, but equipment manufacturers are putting their brands on some great-looking quivers as well. Cleveland’s limited edition camouflage bag is a head-turner — even if it happens to blend into the environment.

Want to overhaul your bag for 2023? Find a fitting location near you at GOLF’s affiliate company True Spec Golf. For more on the latest gear news and information, check out our latest Fully Equipped podcast below.

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