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7 tips for staying dry and warm in rainy, windy weather

January 5, 2018

“I’ve played more rounds of golf in bad weather than I care to think about.” Unfortunately, thinking about golf in funky climes is exactly what we’ve asked Gordon Dalgleish to do. But nudge the cheerful, chatty president of PerryGolf—the UK–based company that sends thousands of people every year on the golf journeys of their dreams—and he’ll get windy.

GUST NO. 1 “I grew up when waterproof golf clothes were more like plastic bags,” says Dalgleish. “You could hear somebody walking in them from half a mile away!”

GUST NO. 2 “There’s nothing worse than getting to the sixth tee and your socks are wet.”

GUST NO. 3 “Packing rain gloves is almost an insurance policy for sunshine.”

Not unexpectedly for someone raised up the River Clyde from stormy Turnberry and Troon, Dalgleish, a Scotsman, touts outerwear musts that are all wet.

GUST NO. 4 “Owning a rain suit is prudent.”

GUST NO. 5 “Your shoes should qualify in the waterproof department.”

He heartily advocates for what he calls “the new sports-fabric stuff.”

GUST NO. 6 “It’s amazing to me how wide a range of temperatures you’re comfortable in in that stuff. And when you’re traveling, it allows you to pack a good number of options fairly lightly.”

And, finally, he’s all about layering.

GUST NO. 7 “You can never over-layer.”

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