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Ask an Equipment Expert: I can’t hit my 3-wood from the fairway. Is it me or the club?

May 8, 2019

Each month, we tap experts from the equipment industry to answer your most commonly asked questions. In this installment, Josh Talge, VP of Marketing at Titleist, explains what to do if you can’t hit your 3-wood from the fairway.

I bomb my 3-wood off the tee but struggle with it from the fairway. Is it me or the club? -Dom J., via e-mail

We like to fit through the entire bag at Titleist. Every club has a job to do, and you’re giving up an advantage if you double up. In our fitting process we help you determine the model and the loft that will optimize your performance, depending on the distance gaps you need to fill and the main purpose of your woods.

A player whose 3-wood functions mostly as a good alternative driver but doesn’t work well off the fairway isn’t that unusual, and that’s fine if that’s the club’s job.

But it’s likely that a 3-wood in that situation is either the wrong model for that player or the wrong loft and/or flex.

In our lineup, the new TS2 is getting a lot of use on Tour and has been a hit with amateurs because it’s so stable and easy to launch off the turf and the tee. The more compact, deeper-faced TS3 is better for players with a faster swing but can be difficult for some from the fairway. Get yourself fit, then decide what type of performance you want from your 3-wood.

— Josh Talge, VP of Marketing, Titleist

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