Here are 10 of the strangest golf products ever made

August 24, 2019
strange golf products

Golfers can be a nutty bunch. Not only do we tend to be susceptible to any product that promises to help us improve, we also love to showcase our devotion by buying things that pay homage to the game we love, but perhaps have no useful value.

The internet is filled with weird golf-related products. Here are 10 of our favorites.

1. Alien wedge

Alien Golf is now under new ownership, but continues to churn out products that mimic the original. Yeah, the club is a bit funky and clunky looking, but if you struggle getting out of the sand, it’s a very compelling sales pitch.

2. Hole in one golf hat

Why anyone would wear this hat outside the confines of a Halloween party is a mystery, but who knows? We may see one on Bill Murray at a future AT&T Pebble Beach Pro Am.

3. Hammer-X driver

Want to add 50 yards to your tee shots? Heck yes I do! Enter the Hammer-X, which also promised to eliminate slices. Unfortunately, despite the awesomely high-energy informercial, the club did not stand the test of time.

4. Golf barbeque set

Because you’re not a real golfer unless you grill with club-themed utensils — complete with golf club grips!

5. Backpack Golf Bag

The Backpack Golf Bag from Sharper Image claims to reduce stress on your muscles, joints and ligaments with ergonomic design and function. But how it differs from the standard double-strap bag remains unclear.

6. Flair Hair visor

Love to wear visors but want to protect your bald head from the sun? Flair Hair has you covered — literally. But don’t expect to win any awards for your sartorial savvy.

7. Toilet Golf

Apparently, there’s no better time to practice your short game than … while you’re in the bathroom?

8. Golf ball finding glasses

A tinted blue lens promises to filter our foliage and grass to help white golf balls stand out, but do you really want to admit that you need these?

9. Driver drink dispenser

This nifty gadget stores 48 oz. of your favorite hot or cold beverage, which can then be dispensed via the “driver” spigot. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly incognito.

10. Golf ball warmer

The golf ball warmer market is admittedly pretty niche, but this product treading into some pretty serious cold-weather golf-nerd territory. Can’t we just agree to stick with pockets and armpits?

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