Survey: Here’s the most golfers have ever spent on a golf vacation

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What’s the most you’ve spent on a golf buddies trip? We wanted to find out.

That’s just one of the reasons GOLF enlisted a company to survey 2,817 random golfers in October and November of 2020. We asked 23 spending-related questions on things like apparel, equipment, golf travel and more. Now, the results are in (which you’ll see in full on on Wednesday). But first, let’s look at some travel takeaways.

When asked for the most they’d ever spent on a golf vacation, 43.9% said less than $1,500. The next most common answer was spending between $1,500 and $2,500, which is how 28.7% answered. The other two options were $2,500-$4,000 (15.6%) and more than $4,000 (11.9%).

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Survey: How much golfers spend on equipment annually, according to you
By: Josh Berhow

The two other travel-centric questions focused on greens fees, specially what golfers considered a fair price for a good course, and how much they’d be willing to spend to play it.

Nearly half of those who responded (47.7%) said they considered $75 the fairest price for a very good 18-hole public course with a cart included. Other answers were: $50 (33.5%), $100 (15.4%) and $125 (3.4%).

Asked a follow up of the most they’d consider paying to play that same course, and 30.6% said $100, while 28.9% said $75. The two other options were $125 (20.9%) and $150+ (19.5%).

Looking for more spending habits on equipment, instruction, travel and more? Make sure to check out the full survey results come Wednesday.

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