Masters 101: 9 things you absolutely MUST bring to the Masters

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Yes, we know you can't bring phones. But what essential items should you make sure to bring? This list can help you out.

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Are you ready for the Masters? Better yet, are you *going* to the Masters? If you have questions, our experts have answers. Here, in Masters 101, we’ll tell you what to bring, what not to bring, how to dress, what to buy and more.

ICYMI: Going to the Masters? Do NOT bring these 10 things


We told you yesterday about all the things you absolutely shouldn’t (or can’t) bring to the Masters at Augusta National Golf Club, but what about all the things you should bring? You know, the essentials. Or things that will make your day on one of the greatest places on earth even more enjoyable.

Luckily, we have you covered. Heed this list.

9 things you should bring to the Masters

A watch

You might have heard that phones aren’t allowed on property, which means a trusty watch is crucial when trying to navigate tee times, meeting spots and remembering when it’s lunch time. Electronic watches, like Apple Watches, are allowed, but using them for calls, emails, texting, photos, videos or recording is not.

Camera for practice rounds

You won’t have your phone to snap a picture, but carrying a camera around your neck is a veteran move. Those are allowed during practice rounds (Monday to Wednesday) but not when the tournament starts on Thursday. That’s one nice perk of a practice round — you get to take your own photos to relive your day at Augusta forever.


Somewhat nerdy? Yes. But somewhat handy? Also yes.

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It’s April in Augusta, which means it can be cold in the mornings and also at sundown. And take last year for example, which was marred by a couple of cold and rainy days. Having an extra layer — or even better, a water-resistant jacket — would be a smart move. Just check the weather before you go.


Optional! But check the weather forecast and make sure to bring one if you think it’s needed. Otherwise you’ll be stuck having to buy one from the Masters Golf Shop. Sure, it’ll be a cool addition, but how many umbrellas do you need?


You might see mid-day highs in the mid-80s, meaning you’ll want to protect yourself from the sun. Remember: get a souvenir from Augusta, not a sunburn.


Again, come prepared. Do you want the sun in your eyes all day? We didn’t think so.

Good shoes

You’re about to walk a ton, it’s hilly and this undulating course can get slick if you get a little rain. Bring shoes that are comfortable and will give you good traction. Golf shoes are fine too, just as long as they don’t have metal spikes.


This isn’t a must-bring item — and you can also buy one there — but if you plan to take a break, your feet will thank you. Just make sure your chair is collapsible and without armrests. Once you get on-site, you can also safely place it anywhere on the course where it’s allowed and have that spot saved all day long, so you can roam the property, come back and take a load off later.

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