The 8 most expensive streets in golf, from Golf Place to 17-Mile Drive

If you’re a golfer who’s looking to move, might we suggest one of the following? Using Zillow’s price calculator, we found the average price of homes on eight of the most expensive streets in golf.

Golf Place, Edinburgh, Scotland — $2.08 million avg.

Recently named the most expensive block in Scotland, Golf Place’s pricey title is well-earned — it rests no more than 200 yards from the entrance to St. Andrews. For 1.78 million euros, the equivalent of 2.08 million U.S. dollars, your home can be at the doorstep of the home of golf.

Cambridge Road, Ardmore, PA — $2.25 million avg.

On the outskirts of Philadelphia lies Ardmore, PA, home to Merion’s pair of stunning courses, and Cambridge Road. Getting a house on Cambridge Road will run you in the neighborhood of $2 million, but the view can’t be beat. You’re a hop, skip and a jump(ed fence) from Gil Hanse’s newly redesigned, crown jewel East Course (no. 15 on GOLF‘s top 100 courses ranking).

Shinnecock and its neighbor, National Golf Links of America, sit near some of the most prized land on Long Island.
Shinnecock and its neighbor, National Golf Links of America, sit near some of the most prized land on Long Island.
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Castle Road, Fishers Island, NY — $3.8 million avg.

Fishers Island is universally known as one of the most socially elite destinations in the United States, but compared to some of the other prices on this list, it’s a bargain. $3.8 million will get you on Castle Road, which meanders its way through the impeccable island-intersecting 1926 Seth Raynor design. Sure, you have to get there by boat, but when Fishers Island comes calling, it’s hard to say no.

Fernwood Road, Brookline, MA — $9.27 million avg.

You’re not living on “a” country club for $10 million, you’re living on THE Country Club (no. 38 on GOLF‘s top 100) for that money. It’s a steep price tag to live in a place where golf is only playable four-to-six months out of the year, but the golf you’d be a short walk from for those four-to-six months might just be worth it (just ask Tom Brady).

South Hill Street, Southampton, NY — $10.94 million avg.

For just a shade under $11 million, you can live the Great Gatsby lifestyle, and play some of the world’s best golf along the way. For almost a century, the Hamptons have been the summer home for the world’s rich and famous, offering gorgeous beaches and breathtaking golf. South Hill Street sits in between the triumvirate of famous courses (Shinnecock, National Golf Links of America, Sebonack) in Southampton, New York. What makes South Hill St. cheaper than the more expensive blocks on our list — it’s inland, meaning you’ll have to settle for a short walk or drive to the ocean (tough, I know).

Riviera Country Club's esteem and location make it a highly desirable location for real estate.
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Corsica Drive, Pacific Palisades, CA — $13.68 million avg.

Location, location, location. That’s what makes Corsica Drive in Pacific Palisades, CA such a valuable place to live. For one, Pacific Palisades is one of the most affluent neighborhoods in the United States. For another, Corsica Drive is a 60-degree wedge from Riviera Country Club (no. 28 on GOLF‘s top 100). The sky high cost of living in Southern California certainly helps the cause, but looking out your window to see the home of the 2028 Olympics is a pretty good incentive for the price tag.

Seminole Beach Road, Jupiter, FL — $27.06 million avg.

Jupiter, FL is the winter playground for many of the game’s top players, sporting dozens of courses and plenty of high-priced, beachfront real estate. But right next to Seminole Golf Club (no. 34 on GOLF’s top 100) is Seminole Beach Road, the penultimate finisher of our most expensive list. The houses on this block roll in at an astonishing average price of just north of $27 million. If it’s any consolation, your tens of millions buy you a home a stone’s throw from both the ocean and some of the world’s best golf.

Along 17 Mile Drive you can find some of the world's most beautiful houses and some of its most sublime golf.
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17 Mile Drive, Pebble Beach, CA — $27.56 million avg.

If you’ve got $30 million burning a hole in your pocket, it’s time to book a flight to California for a cruise along 17 Mile Drive. The famous road juts along the cliffs of the Pacific Ocean, just footsteps from Pebble Beach’s bevy of spectacular golf. Simply put, 17 Mile Drive is in rarified air. In terms of beauty and proximity to incredible golf, you can’t find many places better. And good news! There’s open property waiting for you.

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