Valhalla Golf Club membership price, monthly dues

The clubhouse at Valhalla, host of this week's PGA Championship

The host of this week's PGA Championship has been private since it opened in 1986, but ownership and membership policies have changed.

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If you’re hoping to gain entry to Valhalla, the eternal resting place of Norse mythology, you’ll need to die valiantly in battle. That’s one of the rules.

For access to that other Valhalla, in Louisville, Ky., where the PGA Championship is taking place this week, a different form of payment is required.

First opened for play in 1986, Valhalla Golf Club has been private since its inception. But its ownership has swapped hands on more than one occasion, and its membership policies have changed over time. 

A notable shift took place in 2022, when a small group of investors led by ISCO Industries CEO Jimmy Kirchdorfer purchased the club from the PGA of America, saying that their aim was to “protect Valhalla from profit-driven investors, who would likely develop the critical land surrounding our course.”

Shortly after the sale, new management announced a series of changes that did not sit well with everyone. In addition to eliminating corporate memberships and unaccompanied guest play, the club informed longtime members that they would have to forfeit their right to a refund of their initiation dues or be forced to leave the club.

A mini-uprising in the ranks ensued. Some members resigned.

Valhalla Golf Club, in Louisville, is set to host the 2024 PGA Championship
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By: Josh Sens

In a 2023 Golf Digest article about the controversy, one of those members lamented the direction the club had taken, saying that new ownership “wanted to turn Valhalla into a sort of Augusta. I don’t want it to be a showplace. For me, it’s just a golf club.”

However you describe it, Valhalla has long counted as the highest-profile club in the Louisville area, with major-championship pedigree adding to its prominence. This week’s PGA Championship marks the fourth time the club has welcomed the event.

That kind of prestige is one of many factors that can influence the price of a club membership. So, what does it cost to join Valhalla?

Club representatives did not respond to an inquiry from But several sources with close knowledge of Valhalla, including a current member, told that initiation dues, which were formerly in the neighborhood of $75,000, are now $125,000, plus $1,000 in monthly dues. At last count, those sources said, Valhalla has roughly 275 Kentucky-based members and around 35 national members. A national membership, which sources said is limited to those living more than 100 miles from the club, costs $25,000 upfront, with approximately $500 in monthly dues.

Asked whether there was a waiting list, one source told, “You could join right now if you wanted.”

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