WATCH: Beverage cart? Forget it. New company delivers beers, burgers to golfers via drone

A golf course drone delivery service at a course in North Dakota.

Maybe you need to fuel up for the back nine or rehydrate. Or maybe you just want to wash down the last bogey with a cold beer. Right now your only options are to trudge up to the clubhouse, or count on the drink cart driving by. But what if your libations came directly to you, on demand, via a drone?

If one new venture gets its way, that could be a reality before you know it.

Flytrex is teaming up with EASE Drones to start a drone delivery service at golf courses. Here’s how it works. Golfers simply make an order on an app. Then, the staff places the items into a payload, which is transported to you on the course underneath a drone. Once the drone reaches its destination, it uses a rope to lower the snacks and beverages down to your foursome.

But you won’t see drones zooming around your local muni just yet. The first test of the new drone delivery system will take place at King’s Walk Golf Course in North Dakota, where golfers will be able to use the service on the back nine to start. But the company is hoping to eventually expand to more of the 15,000 golf courses in the U.S., and many more internationally.

You can check out a demonstration of the drone delivery service below.

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