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Clubhouse Eats: Cabot Links serves up a stellar pot of steamed mussels

October 12, 2019

When feasting in close proximity to oceanside cliffs, it’s never a bad idea to order up some kind of creature from the sea. The steamed white-wine mussels have been on the Cabot Links menu in various forms, but the club’s new executive chef, Malcolm Campbell, updated the dish when he landed the gig earlier this year, and it’s been a hit.

“I wanted to do something with a fresh spin,” Campbell says. “It’s not processed. Many of the ingredients come from a French guy with a shop in Halifax. We try to get everything local if possible.”

In the end, it’s all about those mollusks. Campbell thinks the fresh, Atlantic Ocean variety gives his creation its edge.

“To me, it’s the brine from the mussels — the juice that comes out when you open them — that gives it a kick. If you don’t have fresh mussels, you lose that flavor,” he says. “And when you dip that baguette at the end — the cream, the garlic, the sauce — that’s just the perfect finish.”

Cabot Links White-Wine Mussels

>Mussels-1 lb

>Garlic-2 cloves, minced

>Shallots-1 bulb, chopped

>Chorizo-1 oz, chopped

>White wine- 1/2 cup

>Whipping cream-1 cup

>Parsley- 1/2 tsp

>Cherry tomatoes- 1/2 cup, halved

>Baguette- 1/4,sliced and grilled

> Heat a large pan with 1 tbsp canola oil, then drop mussels in.

> Toss to coat the mussels in oil.

> Add garlic, shallots and chorizo, then deglaze with white wine.

> Place another pan on top to steam the mussels. Once the mussels have opened, remove the top pan and allow the wine to reduce.

> Add cream, parsley and tomatoes. Reduce until slightly thickened.

> Toss to coat mussels in sauce.

> Plate in a large bowl with bread slices.

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