Know a great golf course that costs less than $100 to play? Tell us about it here!

Wild Horse Golf Club in Nebraska.

At Wild Horse GC, in Nebraska, rates max out at $75.

courtesy wild horse

We need your help!

In recent weeks, GOLF’s editors and course raters have been working to identify exceptional golf courses in the United States that you can play for less than $100 (meaning courses at which the peak-season walking rates do not crack three figures).    

Three years ago, we published a list of the best courses with green fees under $150 and also a ranking of America’s best municipal courses. Some of those courses will form the foundation of our Best Under $100 list, but there will also be newcomers, and this is where you come in.

Which courses not already in those rankings — and that meet our under $100 criteria (see below) — do you think belong on our Under $100 list?

As we continue to compile and refine our list, we’d love your help in nominating courses that meet our criteria. Please submit your nominations below by May 15. We will weigh your input and vet as many courses as possible before we publish our final results.

We are relying on your feedback, because we’re certain there are gems tucked away in parts of the country that our editors and raters have yet to visit, and we’re hopeful to shine a spotlight on those courses. 



1. Peak walking rates must be less than $100. If a course is $80 during the week and $120 on the weekends, it is ineligible. Similarly, if shoulder season rates are $80 and peak season $120 — yep, ineligible.

2. If the base rate is under $100 but cart fees push the total over $100, that course is eligible. We consider golf to be a walking sport!

3. We appreciate why municipal courses charge higher for out-of-state play, but if the rate isn’t under $100 for everyone, that course is ineligible.

4. Courses should not only meet the pricing criteria but also offer an outstanding and value-packed experience for players of all abilities. We are trying to curate a list that from top to bottom all golfers would enjoy. 

Thank you again — here’s to creating a meaningful list!


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