Mission Hills Haikou: Top 100 Golf Resorts in the World

mission hills haikou
Mission Hills Haikou
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Quick Facts

  • Number of Rooms

  • Amenities

    Spa/pools/fitness centers/movie theater/water theme park/12 restaurants/shopping center/natural mineral springs
  • Number of courses

  • Course designers

    All by Brian Curley

Resort Overview

Leave it to the world’s most populous country to create a golf resort of such staggering scale. Like its Mission Hills counterpart near Hong Kong, this outsize escape, on balmy Hainan Island, is practically a city unto itself. Stretched across a vast, black-lava landscape, it is home to 10 courses whose names — Sandbelt Trails, Lava Fields, Stone Quarry, and on— speak to their distinctive traits. The property’s huge footprint also makes room for a metropolis-worth of non-golf amenities and diversions (rare is the golf resort that boasts a foot massage center within easy striking distance a billiard room), all anchored by 18-floor luxury hotel.



The Blackstone Course, the highest-rated of the property’s 10 layouts, is a dramatic lava-strewn layout that hosts World Ladies Championship and the World Celebrity Pro-Am.


The Walk of Fame, a 200-meter boulevard inspired by the Avenue of Stars in Hollywood, features the handprints and autographs for more than 200 international movie and TV stars.


The resort is also home to a massive government-sponsored soccer training facility, with 30 regulation-size fields.

3 things to know

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  • Best non-golf ammenity

    Volcanic Spring Valley, listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest volcanic mineral springs.
  • Insider Tip

    Hainan Island has been called the ‘Hawaii of China’ for its tropical climate. Dress accordingly.