‘I told him no’: Why Scottie Scheffler refused to sign autograph for fan at Travelers

Close-up photo of Scottie Scheffler smiling at 2024 Travelers Championship

Scottie Scheffler is mourning the Dallas Mavericks' NBA Finals loss at the Travelers Championship.

James Gilbert/Getty Images

You likely know a lot about World No. 1 Scottie Scheffler, the two-time Masters-winning pro dominating men’s golf this year, including his proud Texan roots. That pride was on full display this week at the 2024 Travelers Championship, where Scheffler had a run-in with a fan from New England.

Though Scheffler was born in New Jersey, he was raised and continues to live in the Dallas area. And, no surprise, he’s a huge fan of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks. The Mavericks, you may have heard, were unceremoniously dusted by the Boston Celtics 4-1 in the NBA Finals, losing the deciding Game 5 on Monday night.

scottie scheffler points fore at the u.s. open in blue shirt and white hat
Scottie Scheffler’s U.S. Open dud raises an uncomfortable question
By: James Colgan

Cromwell, Conn., home of this week’s Travelers, is in central Connecticut, which is Boston sports country. With that in mind, a reporter was curious if Scheffler had faced any jeering from New Englanders over the NBA Final this week.

“You arrive in New England right after the Celtics beat the Mavs…” the reporter began, before being cut off by Scheffler.

“Do I have to answer this question?” Scheffler interrupted, drawing laughs.

Scheffler then revealed that he didn’t expect to face any trash talk from other pros, not even Vermont native and defending champion Keegan Bradley, who is an avid Boston fan.

“Maybe Keegan, but probably not,” Scheffler said. “I wouldn’t really expect it from him.”

But Scheffler’s disappointment over the Mavs’ loss did come in to play at one point during a practice round at TPC River Highlands, when a fan approached the World No. 1 to autograph his hat. Scheffler is usually generous with fans and autographs, but one detail made this situation different.

“I did get one fan today ask me to sign a Celtics hat, and I told him no,” Scheffler joked, yet again drawing laughs from around the press tent. “But other than that not much interaction.”

Scheffler went on to fire a five-under 65 on Thursday at the Travelers, putting him within three shots of Tom Kim’s early lead.

It appears, at least in Scottie’s case, vengeance is indeed a great motivator.

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